Ambassador of the Republic Of Indonesia Prof. Dr.Yuddy Chrisnandi


Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary Ambassador of the Republic Of Indonesia Prof. Dr.Yuddy Chrisnandi

On behalf of the Republic of Indonesia, please accept my congratulations to you and the people of Ukraine on the 100th anniversary of diplomacy in Ukraine.

The strong ties of friendship between our two democracies is a point of pride for both our nations. The 25 years old Indonesia-Ukraine diplomatic relationship, which we inaugurated in 2017, and Mr. President’s acceptance credentials from me as the ambassador of Indonesia are also a special present to the 100th anniversary of diplomacy in Ukraine.

Indonesia and Ukraine have much in shared. We are committed to the same principles and on many issues, we share the same visions. At the same time Indonesia and Ukraine are two very unique nations. With different strengths and different challenges. Our commonalities and our diversity bring with them a huge potential and are in fact opportunities, which can be turned into complementarity and friendship.

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At this momentum of 100th anniversary of diplomacy in Ukraine, we believe Ukraine has a long history and great experience that can be shared with the world.

I am sure that in line with the forward-looking views and political will of the two countries’ leaders and by adopting new strategies, we will witness new steps in the development of ties in the 21st century.

We highlighted our historical and friendly relations as well as the two ides’ abundant capacities and hoped for deepening of relations between Kyiv and Jakarta. On behalf of the Indonesian people, I offer my warmest wishes for Ukraine’s continued prosperity and success.