Ambassador of the Republic of Korea in Ukraine, H.E. Lee Yang Goo


Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary Ambassador of the Republic of Korea in Ukraine, H.E. Lee Yang Goo

It is my great honour to congratulate Ukraine on the occasion of the 100th anniversary of Diplomacy, as well as the 25th Anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic relations with the Republic of Korea.

German Chancellor once said that “Diplomacy decides the destiny of a country”. Ukraine has a great future ahead, taking into consideration the advantages of geographical position, human resources, high technologies and natural resources.

The right diplomacy can make Ukraine a hub of manufacturing, logistics and export, based on digitalization and that will make Ukraine a leader at the Eurasian continent. In this regard, the role of diplomacy is really important. I wish Ukrainian diplomats to continue their great work with keeping the main values of diplomacy — patriotism, pioneer spirit, and professionalism.

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Ukraine has been supporting Korea on the international arena, and I would like to thank Ukraine’s government and people for such constant support. The bilateral ties between the two countries have also a great perspective, taking into account a lot of similarities and a complimentary character. I hope that bilateral ties will further outreach the regional level to the global level to facilitate the Eurasian integration and to achieve the common goal and the noble mission — to bring peace and prosperity in the world.