Chatbots skills: from company securing to legal consulting


The first conference in Ukraine on chat bots is coming soon, and we continue to talk about the incredible abilities of modern chat bots and present new topics of ChatBot Conference

Chatbot is the fastest tool for notifying users about the state of their business, as well as businesses of their clients and suppliers. Taking into account many aspects and data, program is able to detect a security threat for business. Such functions are available in OpenDataBot service. Today, it protects more than 20 000 Ukrainian companies against forcible takeovers, corrupt practices and unjustified claims of officials.

During the conference Aleksey Ivankin, co-founder and CEO of OpenDataBot, will tell in detail how OpenDataBot is working.

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Key points of his presentation:

  • Problems of Ukrainian business: raiders, corruption, claims of government authorities.
  • Analysis of government open data. What data is to be analyzed? What are the features of forcible takeover or dishonest counterparty?
  • Features of bot development for small business and large companies.
  • Architecture of OpenDataBot service for 4 platforms — Telegram, Facebook Messenger, Skype, Viber.

A lawyer-bot is able to analyze current legislation, take into account lots of factors and answer a user’s question by quoting legislative acts. It means that virtual communication partners can fully replace legal consultants. In addition, their services will be much cheaper.

At the conference JUSCUTUM representatives, Nestor Dubnevich and Valentin Pivovarov, will tell you how to develop a high-quality lawyer-bot.

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Presentation points:

  • Why bots represent a risk to consulting business;
  • How bots help to solve legal problems better than lawyers;
  • How much money is saved when using bots;
  • Experience of creating a lawyer-bot.

Nestor Dubnevich is a bot developer for legal consultations Bot.Lawyer, CEO and lawyer at JUSCUTUM, partner of Earlier he worked as a lawyer at BITLEX – a platform for providing legal online services. Valentin Pivovarov – the innovation director JUSCUTUM, the founder of legaltech solutions at, CEO at Legal Alarm (the winner of HiiL Justice Accelerator in Ukraine).

We are pleased also to present you our Conference moderator – Aleksandr Krakovetskiy, СЕО at DevRain Solutions, СТО at DonorUA, Microsoft Regional Director, Microsoft Most Valuable Professional (Windows Development Platform), PhD. in Computer Science, Open Data and Smart City expert. Topic of his report: “Creation of bot experts for medical and legal sectors using Microsoft Bot Framework, Azure Cognitive Services and NER systems”.

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The international event dedicated to the use of chat bots in business – ChatBot Conference – will take place in Parus Business Centre on March 29.

You can buy tickets here.