In a quiet office quite the boxers are found

Battles of White Collars


Boxing trunks and boxing gloves instead of a white collar; a cap and helmet instead of a tie. In case of errors there is not fine or reprimand from the management, but countdown of a referee and whistle from disenchanted audience. In turn which office intellectual does not dream that it is his hand, wrapped in a boxing wiring, is picked up by a judge after a fierce fight. And whatever labels of mental abilities are pasted to boxers, the true connoisseurs of this sport, after hard office work, rush to the gym to distract from analyzing charts through working out a series of head-to-body-bias or Jeb, Jeb-hook.

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Meanwhile a battle with the shadow is good, but for everyone, even for not a professional athlete, there comes a time when it begins to be desirable to test their strength. For sport – it is certainly health, though, in all honesty, first of all this is a contest. There are two ways out of the situation. Start the night walk on foot around Borshchagivka or Troyeshchina talking loudly to your grandmother on iPhone6 (desirably with a charger). Or take part in a traditional white collar battles.

Each registered can get to the ring, and thus the one prepared who wishes. Masters of sports and those who are engaged in it only for a year are stepping in the ring. The youngest participants are 19-20 years old and the oldest ones, this time, are 60. For example a system administrator with an intelligence officer who had just come from ATO, or a bartender of the nightclub and the owner of finance company can face off. Of course the organizers take into account the age, weight and experience of participants, selecting a pair.

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Battles have already been carried out 28 times, so the event has become a tradition. This time, namely on April 6, the ring ropes are going to be pulled at the capital club D “Elux in Grushevskogo Street 3, at 19.00.

“After all, boxing is not a fight, it’s a sport of brave and so on …” (V.S. Vysotsky)