Society 2020. International conference of a new format on the ALLATRA platform


On May 11, 2019, on the platform of ALLATRA International Public Movement, a unique international conference of a new format SOCIETY. THE LAST CHANCE took place.

The online teleconference has united a great number of people who gathered in conference halls, in conference and congress halls all over the world. The USA, Ukraine, Russia, Belarus, Switzerland, Germany, Spain, Italy, Canada, the UK, Czech Republic, UAE, Slovakia, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Moldova, Latvia, New Zealand, and other countries were present at the event. The conference was attended by people of various nationalities, occupations, and social statuses, representatives of diplomatic and political circles, national and religious communities, public organizations.

There were live broadcasts from such locations as the British Museum Conference Hall in London, Ostankino Congress Hall in Russia, Ibn Tofail University of Kenitra in Morocco, and others. In Kiev, the broadcast was maintained by the Coordination Centre of ALLATRA International Public Movement. The central location was a famous conference hall of the world’s largest Oceans Ballroom Georgia Aquarium in Atlanta, USA.

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The main discussion topic was: “What is the threat of the consumer format of today’s society for the nearest future? What way can people themselves, all together, peacefully reformat the vector of society development from a consumer to a beneficial one, in view of the global climatic and geopolitical issues and challenges?” The openness, truthfulness and honesty of the questions that people raised, as well as answers to those, amazed even experienced diplomats.

The conference has triggered off an unprecedented response in society. Numerous reviews, opinions, comments in social media, international social surveys, and mass media reports are only the beginning of a tremendous wave this conference has resulted in.

The culmination of the event was a decision to carry out a historical broad scale conference SOCIETY 2020 on the second Saturday of May 2020, targeted at uniting more of people via an online teleconference and to change the vector of society development to a constructive one in practice.

Mr. Chander Gambhir, Indian diplomat, ex-consul of India to Washington, has stated that this initiative of ALLATRA is an example for all people of how to live and to unite so as to ensure that there is peace in the world. He has emphasized that activities of the ALLATRA Movement are truly wonderful, and he’s happy to be involved in this process because today it’s extremely important to raise the issues of national consolidation, of transition to the constructive development vector in a peaceful way. Much depends on everyone.

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Mrs. Virginie Mottimo, expert with a multiyear working experience in UN, joined the teleconference from Geneva, Switzerland, along with her colleagues: “This year I participated in the ALLATRA global conference for the first time.

Such movement cannot remain unnoticed at the UN level and other international organizations.

As for subsequent actions, more people should know about this initiative, given its importance!” Mrs. Alexandra, expert on technical projects from UAE (connected from the conference hall of the tallest residence house in Dubai): “The conference has given an impetus and has encouraged a lot of people to act. I’m actively participating in ALLATRA IPM projects and get convinced that, when we unite, we can do plenty of useful things! We need to do a lot today, so that in 2020 as many people as possible would gather together. There is a rule of six handshakes. I will tell my friends, acquaintances, and colleagues, they will tell theirs, and thus everyone will find this out!”.

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Mrs. Renata Poliakowa, media expert from Bratislava, Slovakia, has mentioned that everyone can join the Society 2020 initiative through notification of their friends and acquaintances both in person and via social networks, websites, and other media resources. Any bold and creative ideas are great, especially related to a technical interpretation of the project! Meeting of the entire humanity together via Internet connection is an ambitious idea, but it is totally real and pressing, if we take into account the challenges that await humanity in the coming years. We welcome cooperation and interaction!