Around Ukraine and in the world: Interton is a trusted carrier


Success in the modern world cannot be imagined without speed. The relaxation without a desired comfort. Interton helps to resolve such issues in Ukraine.

This is the first domestic company, which provides passenger transportation services. Diplomatic embassies, well-known enterprises, stars of show business are among the permanent customers.

The General Director of «Interton» Oksana Kolobova tells about the peculiarities of work.

You have been working in the market since 1991. In fact, the company was founded with the beginning of independence. How did the idea appear?

— The company was founded by my father Viktor Ivanovych. We can say that Interton is his second child. Daddy was working all his life in the field of transport. When Ukraine became independent, he decided to create his own business. Our company became the first in the market of transport services. At that time, it was not easy to arrange documents and find cars. There were “Volga” and “Zhiguli” in the fleet. The first foreign car was “Chevrolet”. You could see the ones in the cinema.

Later American cars were imported. We began to cooperate with the embassies. We are pleased that the United States Embassy is our oldest client.

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Permanent customers are businessmen and private companies. We have received an international license in two years.

Around Ukraine and in the world: Interton is a trusted carrier

How did you manage to keep afloat in the stormy 1990s?

— The father selected and taught the drivers by himself. The main criteria for him were honesty and professionalism. He knew what level of service there should be and tried to go ahead. We had our own service station. If necessary, we repaired our own cars. Dad always said:

“We must work so that it would not be terrible to walk the street and we would not be ashamed”. The father no longer exists. But it is on his principles that everything is built.

And what are the requirements for drivers today?

— As in the “Carrier” movie. Have you seen it? I am joking. They should be professionals. The main task is to take the client safely and comfortably. I also appreciate the human virtues — honesty, courtesy, nurturing. Each customer has their own requirements. It often happens that the driver does not have to speak on the road. His professionalism speaks for him. There are different situations – to buy bread for the client or to get out of the car during a telephone conversation. The driver has to respond to everything.

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Do you have competitors?

— New companies appear at the market. But our clients stay with us. They know what service they will receive. We updated the fleet. Today we have business class cars. The drivers are experienced. They work at a high level. The clients appreciate their work.

What other advantages do you have?

— We have the authority of the company, experience, quality of services, competitive price working for us. We are not a taxi. We offer car service by order. Therefore, the approach to each customer is special.

We provide travel services throughout the country. This can be for several days from Kyiv to Odessa or to Transcarpathia. We have an international license. That is why we can take our client to any country in Europe.

What interests customers in the first place?

— A comfortable car. And so that the price conforms the quality. Most of our customers do not need security. Safety involves the quality of a car, the technical condition. Service is also important. When there were a lot of orders, I got behind the wheel myself. The customers were surprised, but everything was fi ne.

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Around Ukraine and in the world: Interton is a trusted carrier

Who of the famous people did you work with?

— This is confidential information. I can say that these were foreign high-ranking officials who come to visit Ukraine. Famous artists. And also people from business.

What else does the company deal with?

— We have another direction — touristic. We also help with booking tickets for all types of transport and hotels. Services of translators and guides are provided both in Ukraine and abroad.

What do you consider to be your greatest achievement during 25 years of work?

— I have been leading the company for only five years. I consider my father’s job to be the achievement. He was able to find people, unite the team, and get the work with clients going in the difficult 1990s. I started helping him since I was 16. I was able to update the fleet. It was not that simple.

Tell us about your plans for the future.

— We are providing a full range of services to foreign guests in Ukraine now. We are well-placed to enter the European and international markets. Therefore, we are working in this direction.