Attractive and highquality longevity becomes a reality with MayaMI Beauty Esthetic


The world trend in attractive and high-quality longevity is gaining popularity in Ukraine. A woman always remains a woman both at the age of 25 and 70.

The MayaMI Beauty Esthetic clinic in Kyiv will help save a beautiful and wellgroomed face, elastic skin, a healthy body and shining hair. Here it is known how to work with you, so that reaching an elegant age you will look as Jane Fonda. Also, the clinicians know the secrets of how to help men as well. Maia Makushenko – senior doctor, dermathologist and cosmetololgist and the owner of MayaMI Beauty Esthetic The centre was founded by Maia Makushenko. Ms. Maia is a dermatologist, cosmetologist and trichologist. She has been engaged in cosmetology for more than 15 years.

– Our main direction is aesthetic medicine and everything connected with it. We approach the health of a woman in its entirety. These are both aesthetic cosmetology and aesthetic gynecology.

Aesthetic cosmetology also includes hardware and injection cosmetology. Well, and also everything related to facial and body care.

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We also represent a new direction and that is gynecology.

Women are said to have two faces. This trend in Ukraine is quite young, but popular. It comes about laser, aesthetic and clinical gynecology. At various moments of their lives, women encounter hormonal imbalances. It can be in adolescence and in more mature age. Such imbalances also affect the condition of the skin. Therefore, the interaction of gynecologist and endocrinologist is very important. A separate issue is women of elegant age. They need special care and attention to the skin and body. That is why there are two main directions which we follow while working with our patients.

The clinic uses the care products from the world’s best manufacturers in the beauty industry.

– All people are different, everybody has their own peculiarities. Therefore, everyone has their own needs.


Accordingly, the means should be chosen individually.

We use the means of all the well-known world manufacturers.

I travel a lot. I have visited almost all cosmetic manufacturing industries in the beauty industry. It is important for me to see the quality of products, the raw materials from which they are produced. So I will be sure of the result and treatment of the patient. Given our main concept is to be focused on the final result. So the patient gets the desired.

When should a woman contact a cosmetologist and a specialist in aesthetic gynecology?

– The main thing is not to be late for a cosmetologist. Ideally it is starting from the age of 25. The earlier we begin to care for the skin, understand the changes and causes, the longer we can preserve the quality of the skin with prevention and a little correction. You will be able to stay young and attractive for a longer time. Nowadays there is a trend in young and attractive longevity in the world. Everyone wants to live long and at high-quality level. We help women to live better. Being 70, each of us imagines to be not a weak grandmother, but a strong attractive woman who travels and has an active lifestyle.

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I think, the sooner we begin to think about it, the easier it will be implemented.

A significant part of clients are men in the clinic.

– About 40 percent of our clients are men. Recently there are more of them. They are interested in the condition of their skin and hair. When I was in Korea, I was surprised – it is very important for men to look after their hair. If a person has bad and unhealthy appearance, he can possibly be not able to sign a contract.

We also have an osteopathologist. There is a modern spa area. Hairstylists, fingernail artists, makeup artists work here as well.