Congratulations on the Independence Day of Ukraine from Ambassadors of other countries


Посол Франції в Україні Ізабель ДюмонDear Ukrainians!

We are really glad to congratulate you on the Independence Day. More than twenty-five years passed since the proclamation of the Independence of Ukraine and during all these years our countries have bilateral diplomatic relations. But in fact, the destinies of France and Ukraine have been connected during more than one thousand years since Anna from Kyiv crossed the whole Europe to become a Queen of France. We are unified by friendly relations and we have been developing and strengthening these relations due to our progressively increasing cooperation in spite of the obstacles. This year, Ukraine has made a symbolical step. This step is connected with the visa regime liberalization concerning Schengen Area states as well as with the implementation of the Association Treaty with EU. This is the result of the colossal activity carried out by Ukraine under uneasy conditions of destabilization from Russian side. Dear friends-Ukrainians, you have shown your perseverance, strength and purposefulness. France and the European Union continue to support you as we did it before and as we are going to do in the future on the path to peace.

Long live Ukraine!

With a lot of respect, Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary Ambassador of France in Ukraine

Isabelle Dumont


Посол Республіки Корея в Україні Лі Янг-ГуOn behalf of Korean people I congratulate Ukraine with the Day of the Independence. I wish peace, prosperity and new achievements for Ukrainian people on this wonderful day. Today, you have manifestaited your will to defend your borders and democratic values. The histories of our peoples share mutual milestones. I believe that your wise and productive nation will reach the hights. We are sure of the successfulness of the Ukrainian-Korean mutual relation to the benefit of our states.

With a lot of respect, Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary Ambassador of Korea in Ukraine

Li Yan-Ghu


Посол Азербайджанської республіки в Україні Азер Худаяр оглу ХудієвOn behalf of the Embassy of Azerbaydjan and from me personally I want to congratulate Ukraine on the Day of Independence.

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Nowadays 193 states that constitute UNO declare their independence.

It is a gear honour for every Ukrainian to see the national flag waving in UNO.

Azerbaydjan regards Ukraine as a strong, wealthy and European state.

State independence is a treasure of every nation.

I think that the Day of Independence of Ukraine is a result of millenium-long struggle of Ukrainian people to have their own state.

That is why having this opportunity I congratulate all the Ukrainians on the Independence Day, wishing them welfare and porsperity.

With a lot of respect, Extraordinary and Plenipotenthiary Ambassador of Republic of Azerbaydjan in Ukraine Azer Hudayar Oglu Hudiev.


 Посол Турції в Україні Йонет Дж. ТезельDear Ukrainian Friends,

I would like to congratulate you on the 26th anniversary of the independence of Ukraine.

Turkey and Ukraine have been enjoying friendly relations and developing bilateral and regional cooperation since the first days of Ukraine’s independence. Today, thanks to the visa and passport free regime between Turkey and Ukraine, our citizens can easily travel to each other’s country and rediscover their common cultural and historical heritage.

We aim at continuing our cooperation in every field, from trade to sports, from mines underground to space. Our relationship is one of strategies of partnership. Turkey will continue to support the territorial integrity of Ukraine as well as the democratic will of the Ukrainian people to choose their own path.

With a lot of respect, Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary Ambassador of Turkey in Ukraine

Yönet C. Tezel


Посол Угорщини в Україні д-р Ерно КешкеньAs Ambassador of Hungary to Ukraine, I congratulate the residents of Ukraine on the Independence Day with great love! Hungary, as a good neighbour, made a great contribution so that Ukraine adopted the Declaration of Independence in August, 1991. Hungary is the state which was one of the first to recognize the independence of Ukraine, the first country to establish diplomatic ties with independent Ukraine and the first to open its embassy in Kyiv. Today, Hungary is in solidarity with the nationalities of Ukraine and supports the choice of its European path. I wish that the peace reigns in Ukraine as soon as possible! First of all, peace and prosperity to Ukraine!

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With a lot of respect, Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary Ambassador of Hungary in Ukraine

Erno Keskeny, Ph.D


Посол Об’єднаних Арабських Еміратів в Україні Й. В. Салема Аль–КаабіDistinguished Members of the Editorial Board of “Fashion of Diplomacy in Ukraine” Magazine, Dear Readers!

First of all, I would like to express my admiration and appreciation to your wonderful magazine, which highlights the events of high importance and is considered to be one of the prominent magazines in the country.

On my own behalf and on behalf of the Embassy of the United Arab Emirates in Ukraine, I extend my warmest congratulations to the friendly Ukrainian people on the occasion of 26th anniversary of the Independence of Ukraine. I wish further progress and prosperity in all fields to your country.

The 25th anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic relations between the United Arab Emirates and Ukraine is marked this year. As the Embassy of the United Arab Emirates in Ukraine, we are working hard to develop and strengthen these relations for the well-being of our friendly peoples in order to lay a foundation for fruitful cooperation for the benefit of the United Arab Emirates, Ukraine and all peace-loving nations.

May I again offer my congratulations to you and thank your magazine for providing the opportunity to address the Ukrainian people.

Happy Independence Day!

With a lot of respect, Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary Ambassador of United Arab Emirates in Ukraine

Salem AlKaabi


 Посол Кувейту в Україні Рашид Хаммад Аль-АдваніIt is a great honour and a pleasure for me to be the Ambassador of the State of Kuwait in Ukraine.

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The active exchange of the official visits between Ukraine and the State of Kuwait does not stop. The last one was the visit of the Vice-Minister of the foreign affairs of the State of Kuwait, His Excellency Mr. Khalid Suleiman Al-Jarallah, during which the political consultations aimed at elaboration of the further steps in the bilateral relations between our countries were carried out.

As for me personally, Ukraine was always close to my heart. That is why having an opportunity I want to congratulate the friendly Ukrainian people and Ukrainian leadership on the Day of Independence and to wish peace, progress and prosperity.

With a lot of Respect, Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary Ambassador of the State of Kuwait in Ukraine

Rashid Hammad Al-Adwani


 Посол Королівства Саудівська Аравія в Україні Джудія АлхазалFirst of all I want to express my sincere greetings to the political leadership of Ukraine and to friendly Ukrainian people with the 26th Anniversary of the Independence of Ukraine.

Every nation has a remarkable day in its history – the day that will shine brightly for the next generations, a day that fills the hearts of young people with proudness and respect, giving purposefulness and strength in order to build the present and the future.

The 26th Anniversary of the Independence of Ukraine is a nation-wide event that reflects the capacity of Ukrainians to resist the new challenges and difficulties, gaining the victory with their own destiny in order to achieve freedom and independence.

During my mission that has been lasting for more than 7 years I witnessed great and quick steps, made by Ukraine on the way of the constructing and development and therefore I wish steady progress and prosperity to this friendly land.

With a lot of Respect, Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary Ambassador of The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia in Ukraine

Judiah Alhazal