Excursion around Ukraine on the Podium as a Mission of Fashion of Diplomacy


What is the meaning of the phrase: “Beauty will save the world”?

Whatever figurative it seems to be, I sincerely believe that Dostoyevsky was right. It will save, if it is a unifying and vivid power in the struggle for this world.

How can creative people protect their country? How to attract the attention of the world to our long-suffering Motherland, so that its image would cause not only pity but respect? How to awake feelings, to cause surprise, admiration and, most importantly — the desire to protect Ukraine through the image of a fragile girl who is in danger?

Many people perceive information through ready-made images. Therefore, the complex creation of a picture of a strong, united country, united by culture and spirit will attract attention faster than sometimes unconvincing words or actions of politicians and diplomats.

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This is an interesting precedent for the connection of fashion and politics, when it will be possible to deliver flows of provided information at other levels of consciousness through the culture of society. It seemed like a unique idea to present the whole country to the world on a podium. Thus, the idea of creating a general “The Most Favourite” collection from designers from different regions of Ukraine, where the idea of Ukraine’s unity and its high potential would be fulfilled, was born.

The project implementation had a comprehensive approach: the creation of a fi lm about beauty of Ukrainian regions, background music in several languages and deep wisdom in details of clothing, thanks to the study of the region and search for the most interesting features of cutting. The task was to find modern trends in the elements of old clothes, the ones which can surprise the world and make it more beautiful.

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So “The Most Favourite” show was successfully held in New York, Toronto, Tunisia, at Boryspil airports and in the take-off field of Kyiv airport, in Odessa, Dnipropetrovsk and Kharkiv. During the 40 minutes of the show foreigners can understand how beautiful and different Ukraine is, it is like an excursion around the country on the podium! Cultural and diplomatic relations within the framework of the “National Partnership in Light Industry of Ukraine “Fashion Globus Ukraine” project have already introduced Ukrainian culture to a number of countries — Italy, Canada, Slovakia, the USA, the OAU, Indonesia, Tunisia.

Yes, a lot has been created in the economic sense in three years of the project existence. Fashion Globus Ukraine is a member of the Council of Exporters and Investors under the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine. And the cooperation of personnel and people’s diplomacy is completely priceless!

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As an example, a cultural evening with a demonstration of collections of the most famous Ukrainian designers Roksolana Bohutska, Olena Dats, Holdi Vynohradska, Olena Serebrova, Liudmyla Bushynska and Oksana Polonets was held

in Washingtonon on November 30, 2016. Senators and top US politicians were among the invited. The high perception of Ukraine this evening allowed one of the important draft laws to be submitted to the US Senate.

Therefore, through the path of beauty, wisdom and genuine desire to change the world for the best you can get what seems impossible. This is the true Diplomacy!