Golf in Ukraine is a lifestyle for many and a sport for its fans


Golf is not just a beautiful and refined sport. Golf is a lifestyle. Everyone who has tried this game at least once in his life gets back to it again and again.

Golf means new opportunities. And it doesn’t matter if you are a diplomat or a businessman, are engaged in politics or boxing. Are you a woman or a man?

Are you 18 or younger? These questions are irrelevant. Golf is about smart recreation.

In Ukraine, golf started developing in recent years, but its popularity is growing gradually. GolfStream Club Senior Manager Anna Svets knows everything about this kind of sports and recreation. Let’s talk to Mrs. Anna about the unique place for everyone who knows what golf actually is. It is GolfStream Club, the most large-scale eco-facility in Ukraine.

Ukraine has become known in the golf world immediately after the international competition in our club. Our country caused a reason to be discussed not only due to political events

Anna is telling.

Golf in Ukraine is a lifestyle for many and a sport for its fansWhat makes your club special?

– The territory and the facility capacities make it possible to arrange events of any complexity and to host the unlimited number of guests. We are available for small family picnics, friendly games, but also for festivals with ten thousand-people audience.

GolfStream arranges events of any format: we have sculpture parks growing, handicraft exhibitions, shooting of commercials, movies and TV series, closed diplomatic receptions, corporate teambuilding, forums, conferences, music shows, numerous sports events, children’s birthdays, and personal golf tournaments. And this is far from being a full list of our event opportunities. In our facility, all conditions are created for comfortable family and friendly recreation. To get a complete restart and relaxation, one can just spend several days in our GolfVillage. Vital energy is charged through the local environment – its style, aesthetics, comfort, cosiness, and easy access to favourite leisure activities.

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Golf is getting popular in Ukraine. Athletes are better to start training in their early years. Do you have a program for children?

– We have not just one for children, but for juniors as well. The children’s program is for the age of 6 to 15. The junior’s program is for the age of 16 to 20. For everyone, a special training system is maintained, and there are tournaments.

We also have the GOLFCAMP. This season, the camp continues working. Today it’s the only chance for kids in Ukraine to undergo intensive professional golf training. There is also an opportunity to test one’s strength on the club’s champion courses. Training, recreation and accommodation for children are of the top level.

Somebody’s don’t matter. To the camp we admit boys and girls of 8 to 14 years old. Kids combine practical training with the game theory, golf etiquette rules, active sports recreation and accommodation in the modern campus inside the facility.

Golf in Ukraine is a lifestyle for many and a sport for its fans

For such a range of large-scale events you need a mighty team.

– Right, we’ve formed a very strong team.

When hiring staff, our main criteria are accuracy, responsibility and professionalism. Over a hundred professionals serve the club on a daily basis. Their presence is mostly unnoticeable, but each of them honestly fulfils their scope of work in relevant places. It only seems that the grass is green by itself, the tracks are always wellgroomed, music amazingly corresponds to the mood, and drinks accidentally crop up nearby right at the moment when you’ve thought of them. It is actually a laborious team work of our personnel.

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How do you attract clients? Do you have any secrets?

– Our secret is always providing a little more than clients expect: in attitude, in bonuses, in gifts. I believe that, regardless of the scope of business and event budgets, much depends on personal relationships and human factor. We always try to hear our customers, offering them something unique and made especially for them.

Golf in Ukraine is a lifestyle for many and a sport for its fans

Are golf events your major activity?

– Yes, golf is our love and trend. In GolfStream, all kinds of competitions in this sport are available: professional, amateur, fan, thematic, and official. Our grounds have 36 holes and 9 golf courses, which is a marker that in our club it is possible to arrange tournaments and rounds of any complexity and status.

Our event calendar embraces tournaments of famous aerial and automotive brands and banks, as well as private closed events. Yet, we have surely attained this level not within an instant. It was a decade of impetuous development of Ukrainian golf, for thanks to our club there appeared the All-Ukrainian Golf Federation, and we’ve been admitted to the European Golf Association.

Golf in Ukraine is a lifestyle for many and a sport for its fans

What kind of stereotypes are there in Ukraine regarding golf?

– Firstly, it’s the high game cost and the selection of players. In actual fact, prices at GolfStream are balanced and affordable to many people. There are various packages, various game levels, various clubs and courses. For a relatively small budget we provide basic game training. Do you know what a golf master class is called in English? Golf clinic. Perhaps, it’s because, should you just try to play, the game turns into a “disease” of your body and soul, and you no longer imagine your life without it.

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The second stereotype is age. It’s never too late to learn to play golf: one can take a club into one’s hands at any age.

The third stereotype is that golf is a male sport. The notion that GOLF is an acronym for “Gentlemen Only, Ladies Forbidden” is nonsense.

Golf is a unisex game. For instance, at GolfStream we arrange annual female tournaments Open Ladies Golf Cup. So, you can safely join.

American President Donald Trump has said at the White House that he keeps on doing business even on the golf course. Is golf more about sports or business?

— Rather about business.

There are people who play golf only for sporting achievements. They collect medals and records, and enhance their professional skills. However, they are only few, while for the majority it is recreation, entertainment, and work. Numerous contracts are concluded exactly on golf courses. Person’s behaviour, strategy and tactics in the game make it possible to quickly understand who you deal with. Many businessmen invite their partners to play golf in order to determine whether further business with them is worthwhile. You can get to know a person on a golf course very fast.