Hub strategy for the development of the main airport of the country – Eugene Dykhne


The new hub strategy for the development of the main airport of the country is a real breakthrough in the economic component of not only the enterprise but also the state. Eugene Dykhne, the First Deputy Director General of the state enterprise “Boryspil” International Airport, tells “Fashion of Diplomacy” what technologies need to be introduced in order to increase the passenger flow.

What is the greatest achievement of the airport during your leadership?

The airport has now entered the period of intensive development. This growth was started in 2015 and 2016, but it was 2017 that became a real breakthrough. We are already entering 2018 with the growth in all indicators, including passenger flow, which is a key indicator of the successful functioning of the airport. We have repaid the debt and are steadily increasing profitability. Our enterprise shows growth in all directions.

How did you manage to increase passenger traffic?

In late 2014 — early 2015, the correct strategy for enterprise development was chosen. It is referred to the hub strategy. That was it, in fact, that gave us this growth. The hub strategy was not only correct, but also profitable. Now, the number of transit passengers in Boryspil is thirty per cent. This fact is an indicator, which can be compared to the leading European hubs. That is, now we can say that our hub strategy has succeeded. It justified itself not only by financial gains for the enterprise, but also for the state — because only last year we paid one billion six hundred million hryvnias to the state budget. Therefore, I can say that this strategy is gaining momentum. There are three million only of transit passengers. Previously, we transported passengers only from one destination to another, the so-called point-to-point model. The hub strategy has changed it. We are becoming a powerful transit airport. Actually, we are a hub. When you asked about the greatest achievement of the airport so far, my answer will be unequivocal. This is the implementation of the hub strategy. We have not only brought the company out of a deep crisis, but we are also steadily increasing its profitability.

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Hub strategy for the development of the main airport of the country - Eugene Dykhne

How did the visa-free regime affect the increase of passenger traffic?

Certainly, the visa-free regime has intensified the demand that was postponed. In addition, it was the visa-free regime which made us significantly intensify the reforms that started with the introduction of the hub strategy. With an increase in passenger traffic, we have to meet high European standards; in particular if the transit passenger has the opportunity to choose another airport, where the conditions of stay are much more comfortable — for example, Wi-Fi works better, he will do that. The hub strategy, multiplied by the visa-free regime, has caused not only growth. It has become the main driving force of reforming. And this is a positive factor for our enterprise.

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Everyone remembers the discussion in the Ukrainian society — in honour of whom out of the prominent Ukrainian figures the airport should be called. No name has ever been given. Why? In honour of whom would you personally call the capital airport?

As for me, the main thing is not the name of the airport. The main things for me are the competitiveness of the enterprise and safety of the passengers. We have four thousand staff working here. The overwhelming majority is from the city of Boryspil. In addition, the name “Boryspil Airport” is an international and well-known brand. In case of renaming we would have to change all the documentation. And this is money. Money in Ukraine costs much. Nor should we forget the political component of this process. Many people would be disjoined and set against each other if the airport was renamed not as it would be desirable to them. Being at the airport, they would feel discomfort. We do not need this. I am completely satisfied with the name that exists today. If someone wants to name our enterprise – Boryspil International Airport named after, for example, Malevich, I will not oppose, at the same time, according to the law, there must be an agreement of the labour collective of the enterprise for the company to be renamed in honor of a certain individual.

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What is the situation with the advent of lowcosts in Boryspil? Which of them will fly from Boryspil?

We are open to cooperation, but under the condition that it will be profitable for the enterprise and will not cause inconvenience to the passengers. Lowcosts are great, but the low cost of their tickets should not be reflected in the two factors I have mentioned above. It is our profitability and convenient conditions for passengers, for who we are responsible. As of today, we

Do you cooperate with the “Kyiv” airport (Zhuliany), an international airport?

Of course, there is some kind of cooperation. Although “Kyiv” airport still has a lot to do to become an international airport with full range functioning. So far, their international segment is limited, and we wish success to our colleagues in expanding the above-mentioned segment. However, I want to assure all readers of your edition that our airport was, is and will remain the main air gates of our state.