Life in the style of Zoloche


Today we are talking with Natalia Korzhevska, Partner of the Zoloche Group of Companies, about the up-to-date construction technologies and the up-to-date design solutions implemented at Riviera Zoloche DeLuxe.

Your company conducts many activities. At least now it can be considered to be the business empire in the best sense of the term. But how did it all begin?

A company can be considered to be successful by a large number of indicators, but only one factor can distinguish it from others – the people who work for the company. When the people’s principles become the company’s principles then the business becomes attractive to the public, and therefore success will come as soon as possible.

Zoloche gated community is a reflection of our values. Love for the family, love for the country, the desire to make the world a better place and sustainable diligence – we professedly stated about them at the beginning of our activity, and thus we were able to find likeminded people both among business partners and among the current residents of Zoloche.

Life in the style of Zoloche

Most successful Ukrainians want to live outside the town. This trend is relatively new in our country. How did you manage to have a moment on this trend in time? And what allowed your GC to become a leader in the market of new builds?

Living outside the town is truly a global trend. As large cities grow upwards, gather buildings in a small area, the surrounding areas become a kind of “oasis” of peace, comfort and some intimacy. Such changes were only a matter of time for Ukraine. We decided to keep it and offer our view of country comfort.

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We managed to achieve market leadership due to several indicators. The first is a scale. There are more than 800 houses in more than 100 hectares, and this number is increasing every year. Public areas, which are parks and public gardens, reach 10,000 square meters, and these are the highest figures among gated communities in Ukraine.

Life in the style of Zoloche

The second indicator is infrastructure. At the very beginning of our work on the Zoloche project, we knew that we need to provide its residents with everything they need. Moving from the capital to the country is a big step, and one should feel that he/she will only gain by it and will not be lost any benefits. That is why a quality road topping was laid within the territory of Zoloche and on the way to the town.

There are several grocery stores, the car wash, the yacht club, the helipad, an own taxi service, the Zafferano restaurant, the children’s club, the fitness centre and the wellness centre, beauty salon. Large rental area with water and land houses, mini-hotel. There is the family ambulant clinic nearby.

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The third indicator is the team. More than 200 people work every day to support the life of the gated community and protect its territory.

That is why it is always clean, comfortable and safe anywhere on the territory of gated community. In addition, there is the Zoloche International school which is kindergarten and school, accredited by Cambridge.

The special point of pride is the Zoloche RANGERS Recreation Park, which includes the restaurant lake, the swimming pool, the ropes course for children and the archery area. There is the children’s camp in the park in summer.

How would you formulate your company motto?

The home is a place of strength. And we are ready to create it for your family.

What technologies do you implement in construction?

We can name a few basic ones: we apply an innovative solution for the construction of the top monolithic slab of the foundation, we use eco-materials, and we use the energysaving profile of the best German and Belgian manufacturers in the making of window structures.

In addition, the gated community has modern light posts by European manufacturers, and the fences were custom-tailored by architects and were made in a total look.

On the whole, we immediately implement into construction all the latest technologies appearing on the market. This allows us to create the most comfortable and safe living conditions for the residents of the gated community.

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Life in the style of Zoloche

What is the innovative attractiveness of your company?

First is that our gated community is located on the Dnieper banks. Access to water creates additional opportunities not only in terms of the look of the houses, but also, for example, entertainment.

Second is that it is the most developed infrastructure that allows Zoloche residents to have everything they need at their fingertips.

Generally speaking all – modern houses, well place for public transport, well-developed infrastructure, safety, maximum of nature and light – differentiate our gated community from others.

Life in the style of Zoloche

What are your plans for the near future? What new projects are you going to surprise us with?

Our team is working every day to improve the results which were already achieved and to achieve new ones. We are now implementing the most ambitious project which is the Riviera Zoloche DeLuxe. This is a new quarter where we use the latest construction technologies and state-of-the-art design solutions. It differs from previous quarters by flat roofed houses with a Swedish slab foundation with quality high-tech insulation. Also, a new site is under construction, and it will have a large supermarket, restaurant, animal clinic, large rental area and other places where you can have fun and have a good time.