Louboutin shoes are not for diplomatic receptions. This is a rule of bad manners


The wife of a diplomat in the modern world is a profession. Women always get a lot of attention, and especially when you are the face of your country. Etiquette and protocol for many lady diplomats are desktop books before official receptions or trips. Marina Kinakh, a public figure, an honored journalist of Ukraine, a curator of social projects shares the main commandments, how to make the first impression and always look decent, with Fashion of Diplomacy. Ms. Kinakh is the wife of Anatolii Kinakh, a former Prime Minister of Ukraine, a well-known politician and diplomat. She accompanied him on trips abroad, official receptions and meetings. Therefore, not just in theory she knows how to show herself and the country at the highest level.

Louboutin shoes are not for diplomatic receptions. This is a rule of bad mannersIt is necessary to cultivate your taste. It is very important. You think – everything is completely correct, as in the magazine. But it is not so. The fashion goes forward and it needs to be understood. Clothes that lie in the wardrobe for 5-10 years should be forgotten. The form of clothing is very important in diplomacy. Diplomats are the face of the state abroad.

You need to know the proportions of your body. There are plump, thin, high, short people. According to this, you should choose clothes. A woman cannot walk with bare legs in short skirts.

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I always tell my students – you have to be dressed correctly. Better more modest, but more intelligent. I think clothes should also correspond to the age. Women more than 50 years old should not expose decollate, wear knee-length skirts. The woman does not look younger in that way.

The trousers demand a long jacket or blouse. It is ill-mannered to wear trousers with short blouses when a part of the belly or back can be visible. A short jacket should be taken to match the skirt.

You should not carry expensive bags. You should not display your material status. It is wrong. Therefore, it is better not to go to a diplomatic reception with a bag worth 300 thousand. Also, a bag should not be very large.

The Louboutin shoes are not for diplomatic receptions. This is a rule of bad manners. The heel should be no higher than 6 centimeters, and these should be closed-toe shoes.

Louboutin shoes are not for diplomatic receptions. This is a rule of bad mannersYou need to know how to match colours. And no bright screamy colors.

I always knew when I travelled with my husband I had to be dressed properly. And I prepared for all the events.

Our presidents are happy with their wives. At the reception, our wives of diplomats and politicians always look good. When you look — she is beautiful, it means she is Ukrainian.

If you do not know how to say correctly, keep silence. It is embarrassing to be ignorant.

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Earlier it was believed that it was not good to wear jewelry. Nowadays – on the contrary. Jewelry should be modest. Nowadays there is a lot of beautiful, expensive jewelry. It is, by the way, made by Ukrainian designers.

Hair should always be taken care of. Choose a hairstyle according to clothes and events. The more luxurious clothes are, the more modest and calmer hairstyle and jewelry should be.

Do not wear the same earrings and pendant. If the earrings are long, there should be a free neck and one arm. On the other one there may be a bracelet. Necklace can be worn to match a dress. The colour should coincide with the colour of the dress or shoes. Not to catch anybody’s eye.

Do not forget about photographers. Their task is to photograph you at the event as badly as possible. It should always be remembered by public people – you can be photographed anywhere and anyhow. And to be prepared the reaction should be instantaneous – posture, a smile. Every minute you can be photographed in a tumbled dress or with an ugly expression on the face. I always have a few dresses in my car. I cannot afford to come to the event in a tumbled dress.

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7/8 trousers are fashionable. But not for business style.

You must remember about your husband. The suit should be perfectly fitted and always be ironed. If there is no opportunity to change clothes – there should be an iron at work. Before appearing in front of the world it should be quickly ironed. The tie should be suitable.

Louboutin shoes are not for diplomatic receptions. This is a rule of bad mannersWhat is better – trousers or a skirt? You can wear trousers as well, but then the jacket should be long. For example, Angela Merkel. She always wears a suit and a suitable jacket. Dalia Grybauskaite always looks perfect – a hairstyle, a suit. Therefore, she is respected.

We can never make the second impression. We make the first impression and then speak. How you speak and how you look are the keys to success of any business. These things are especially important in diplomacy.

You have to enter correctly. If you go with flowers – never take a big bunch.

There should be nothing artificial in the makeup. In particular, artificial lashes are very eye-catching. They are immediately visible, they look unnatural and ugly.

There should be a makeup. And it must be natural and correspond to the event. Red lipstick is suitable for a red dress or shoes. A woman always has to wear a make-up.