O! GOROD – Your city restaurant


A unique gastronomic point on the map of the capital city, a paradise not only for the residents of the metropolis, but also for true gourmets.

The best is gathered in this place: excellent service, the atmosphere of eternal summer, branded and classic drinks, original cuisine, sous-vide technologies, local products, and the main ones are original meals with incredible combination of ingredients and unique serving of each dish.

We opened the O! Gorod restaurant in November, 2015. The goal was to make such a place where you would distract from the routine and, of course, have a good meal.

Now I can clearly point out that this institution in the centre of the capital is a city in the city, which has turned into a luxurious restaurant with exclusive cuisine. The place where the time stops and the surrounding atmosphere allow you to be away from everyday fuss and asphalt dust, somewhere in the magnificent green park.

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We have collected a unique original collection of organic wines. You will not find any wine from our collection anywhere else, except for rare specialized stores. A highly professional sommelier from the Association of Sommeliers of Ukraine works in the restaurant, so he will advise you exactly the kind of drink that will maximally emphasize the unique taste of your chosen dish.

A wine festival is held in the O! Gorod restaurant every month, there are different wines every month. September is the king of white wines – Riesling.

In addition, we are constantly organizing business breakfasts with entrepreneurs, ethno-gastroevenings, evenings of live music, charity evenings. For the money collected from them we repair homes for elderly people. We believe that such social activity allows the elderly to improve their lives, because we all must remember that one day we will become old grandparents and we will wait for care and support from the younger generation.

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Now we have a partial rebranding, that is, repositioning of the logo. The previous version of the logo we worked with all this time, as it turned out, did not convey the essence of the restaurant and the whole idea of the place. People began to associate the restaurant with [gorod] (which means vegetable garden in Ukrainian) because of the vegetable elements in the logo. Today, we have made it more restrained. It has become more concise with clear lines, like city buildings. We believe that such a format of the logo will open up the idea and philosophy of the institution as much as possible — a city in the city.

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A modern city is made of stone, it is green and made of glass, and sometimes it is very cold and at the same time cozy and warm… “O! Gorod” is a city in the city, where it is always cozy and warm. O! Gorod restaurant is the restaurant of your city that always waits for you!