Olha REDZIUK, founder of the training company “Olerom”


We have a lot of gifted youth. I can say undoubtedly today: Ukraine has made a leap in education. Studying has become fashionable and prestigious. Knowledge opens the way to success. Because when you are a strong manager, a great doctor, a professional teacher or an upscale programmer, then you can easily realize your potential in the Motherland.

And our mission is to help in this. That is why, in the framework of our project, we annually bring people of a global scale to Ukraine — Robert Kiyosaki, Nick Vujicic, Richard Branson. This year we are waiting for a meeting with not less legendary Steve Wozniak. Why do we do this? To bring a new philosophy to Ukraine. In addition, it gives everyone motivation and action orientation: I can and will change and change myself. So there is a chain reaction and we see these transformations.

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It should be staked on education and investing in it money and eff orts. It is very good that our business understands this. After all this is development of economy and decent life for the future generations.