Petro AVRAMENKO, director of the Zhytomyr Oblast Music and Drama Theatre named after Ivan Kocherha


Why do I live and work in Ukraine? There is one reason: to love the own one and to create for the own ones. It is good abroad, but it is better, sweeter at home! You can earn there, but you can create only here. The Ukrainians have achieved a lot for a quarter century of independence. And the art has serious positions. It is enough to get acquainted with the performances presented at the theatrical festivals, to visit the book fairs in Lviv, to read anthologies of contemporary Ukrainian prose, poetry, drama to understand: today we have much to be proud of. Our culture is unique and original. Under extremely unfavourable economic, social, political conditions, it continues to bring people the light. It lives and develops, finds ways to create art. This opens the way to the art of the coming day.

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We have already got our place in the world culture. And for a long time. We can hold it back if we can save our own uniqueness and identity. The beautiful is always natural, it knows no boundaries, and it is not subject to time. And we are managing to save it in Ukraine.