Philosophy of life in the eco style. Svitlana Marynenko about ROYAL SVS STUDIO


Royal SVS Studio is a Ukrainian manufacturer, leader in the field of modern interior design. It is a prestigious trademark, trend, patent holder and developer of highly engineering planting systems.

Since 2013, the company has professionally provided eco-design services within our country and far beyond its borders. Professional approach, qualified specialists, high technologies, own developments are the factors which ensure the impeccable quality of the products manufactured by the company. Svitlana Marynenko, the founder of the ROYAL SVS STUDIO Company, answers the questions of the “Fashion of Diplomacy”.

 Ms. Svitlana, what did your business begin from?

— Everything in our life begins from love and desire! Our company was founded on February 14, 2013 on St. Valentine’s Day, on the day of all the beloved… And this is symbolic. Everything we do, we do with love for people.

Philosophy of life in the eco style. Svitlana Marynenko about ROYAL SVS STUDIO

The main mission of the company is the philosophy of life in the eco style. We provide eco-design services around our state and far beyond its borders. Our professional approach, qualified specialists, high technologies, our own developments are all the factors which ensure the impeccable quality of our company’s products.

I am proud of the fact that we give people the opportunity to touch the living beauty and to settle it down forever at their homes and in their hearts.

Because it is impossible not to rejoice, looking at the juicy colours of the unique leaves, it is difficult to remain indifferent to the grandeur that fills the space, captures and inspires us with good and harmony.

Who or what inspired you to create such nice things which your company makes?

— Under the conditions of the modern world, when everyone is in a hurry and there is no time to stop and just enjoy the things which the soul needs, our services become a salvation from the mad rhythm of life. And that is what inspired us to create our company. Since then, we have given the opportunity to enrich, diversify the routine, bring bright colours, natural beauty to your home, and also improve the working atmosphere. We create a convenient, useful and, what is more important, durable eco-design of the interior. The main thing that impresses and inspires is the person themselves… After all, we are all different and unique, just like flowers… If to look properly, then each flower is similar to a certain person. So we approach each of our clients individually by selecting those plants, which are similar to them, in their direction of activity, in their character, charisma, and then we get the desired result.

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Philosophy of life in the eco style. Svitlana Marynenko about ROYAL SVS STUDIO

Do you have competitors in the Ukrainian and international markets?

— As for competition, it is nice to see people inspired by our ideas. We have introduced a high style of landscaping, we are grateful to companies that continue and develop our business. We support them, provide useful advice, and consult if necessary.

Philosophy of life in the eco style. Svitlana Marynenko about ROYAL SVS STUDIO

We are unique, our main difference is our technology and guarantee, because we are one of the few companies in the world that not only produces, but also provides a lifetime warranty.

Our employees are carefully selected. The company has people with a pure soul and a kind heart. After all, while working with plants, people must have excellent energy and positive mood.

What are the plans for the nearest future in this direction?

— Our project is not only the greenery of private and commercial premises… it is a project with the help of which we want to restore and create a connection between man and his nature at the level of modern architecture. I always wonder why buildings in big cities are so cumbersome, uncomfortable and of the same type. At the moment, I am communicating with the best architects of Ukraine and foreign countries, so I hope that by implementation of our eco-style project, we will be able to make the architectural buildings more ecological and stylish, with natural forms, and as comfortable as possible, as this is so necessary for our modern rhythm of life.

Who do you serve, who can be called your customers, and what prompts these people to contact you?

— Our clients are people who have aesthetic taste, people who are accustomed to surrounding themselves with beautiful things, people who feel and appreciate the unique beauty of nature. These are women and men of all ages who are united by love for beautiful flora. By the way, it is nice to note that our oldest consumer has turned 103 years old!

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Ukraine, some countries of Europe, countries of the Persian Gulf are in the first place, where greening is carried out not only in residential buildings, but also in office premises. In these countries, 80% of consumers plant greening official premises. Thus, managers of the company take care of their employees, give them the opportunity to enjoy beautiful colors of plants, breathe clean air, and thus remain always in a good psychological and physical condition.

There are representatives of the diplomatic corps, show business, businessmen, politicians, people who lead the centers of health and beauty among our clients….

What social activity does your company have?

Royal SVS Studio takes an active part in the social sphere of our country’s development. Part of our funds is directed at revival of spiritual culture of our state. Our company is a frequent guest of various international forums. It is especially pleasant to recall a recent visit to the Persian Gulf. At the invitation of the Kuwaiti Ministry of Economy, Royal SVS Studio, as a delegation part of the business mission of the best Ukrainian companies, participated in the first large-scale international trade exhibition of Kuwait “KUWAIT INTERNATIONAL TRADE FAIR 2016”. The exhibition was held under the patronage of Emir of the State of Kuwait Sheikh Sabah Al-Ahmad Al-Jaber Al-Sabah and became a significant event not only in Kuwait, but throughout the Persian Gulf region.

Philosophy of life in the eco style. Svitlana Marynenko about ROYAL SVS STUDIO

We honourably represented our country and sparked a great interest in our products. Taking advantage of the opportunity, I want to share the pleasant news, this autumn we are planning a grand opening of the Flowers Lounge — a floral salon of exclusive flowers and compositions, where we gladly invite all of you.

How difficult is it to do business in our country? What are your personal tips for successfully doing your own business?

— Your personal responsibility plays a big role in conducting your own business. It does not matter whether you are a man or a woman… the main question is whether you are ready for such a responsibility in the eyes of your clients… who trust… in the eyes of your employees. The company is a living organism that needs to be supported and developed without stopping. I am personally, as a manager, always in the midst of all the levels of creation, from the development processes to the personnel selection. After all, personnel and quality, products and technologies, and developments themselves are important components of success.

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Philosophy of life in the eco style. Svitlana Marynenko about ROYAL SVS STUDIO

The company has received the “Industry Leader 2016” prestigious award, and demonstrates to other market participants, clients and investors the reliability and promising outlook of our company.

Everything plays a very important role: professional approach, skilled workers, own developments, all these factors provide the perfect quality of our company’s products, which is why I can clearly state that we are trendsetters in eco-style.

We managed to change the view on modern flower growing, and the relation to nature in general. Over four years of successful work, we have set out more than a million of live plants. Especially I would like to note the culture of gifts concerning flowers. There were times when love, appreciation and respect were measured by the number of cut flowers in a bouquet. Huge, bulky and very expensive bouquets certainly pleased us, but for a very short time. Today, one of our developments is a living picture that will help you express your feelings much more eloquently and remind of you for a long time, looking perfectly in the interior.

Paintings from living plants are bought in here not only by residents of Ukraine, but also guests from abroad. Each picture has an individual, festive packaging.

Regardless of whether you want to buy a picture for yourself or for someone else as a gift, it is always in original gorgeous packaging and with an exclusive postcard, in which you can further express your feelings and wishes. Your gift will have an entirely completed style!

Philosophy of life in the eco style. Svitlana Marynenko about ROYAL SVS STUDIO

I can clearly point out that flowers accompany us throughout our life at any time of the year. No matter what climatic zone you live in – in a hot or cool, your flowers will always grow and delight you. After all, in the heat – it is your oasis of freshness; in a cool climate the plants will provide comfort and a wonderful mood. Special sensations arise when there is winter outside the window, it is snowing, and in your interior there is real summer, flowers blossom and new leaves appear.

It is a really fabulous feeling, try it!