Serhii PROSKURNIA, Ukrainian theater director, producer


A lot of things can be said for 26 years. Ukrainian culture has achievements. The first one is the absence of censorship. Directors and playwrights do not have to extort metaphors. The theatre has ceased to be Aesop’s. Now we have a theatrical boom associated with very effective co-authorship of playwrights and directors.

It is the time not only of mentality change. But the change of canons. That is what opened the gateways and modernity has become a part of Ukrainian culture. We existed in the simulator of modernity until independence. Therefore, it was a time of rapid boiling of the volcano, which was kept closed. The lid was opened and the incredible energy went into the future.

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Another very positive fact is the adoption of the law on the Ukrainian cultural fund. It provides mechanisms for implementation of everything in the field of culture and art. All developed countries have passed that. 14 years out of forty Biblical ones are left for us. Then we will get out of the desert.