Tatiana CHEREP-PEROHANYCH, Ukrainian poet, prose writer and journalist


We have become better. Many fi ne young authors have come to the literature nowadays. Young writers write in such a way that we can go to the world level with these books. “Coronation of the Word” discovers the new names.

Wherever I make presentations – whether in Odessa, Lviv or Chernihiv – people turn up. That means it is interesting. So there is a demand for the native word. It delights that more and more Ukrainian-language imaginative and professional literature appears.

So we do not have the concerts from Russian performers. And what has changed? We have discovered our artists. The halls are also full. Tickets are sold. And it is the same in the literature. The Ukrainians consciously support their own books in particular.

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We are a nation, a folk, and not someone else’s younger brother. We must strive to be considered equal, worthy. And not dependent on anyone.