The best or nothing! Yaroslav Pryhara

This catch phrase of Gottlieb Daimler entirely characterizes the philosophy of "AutoCapital" company – the official importer of Mercedes-Benz automobiles in Ukraine, general representation of Daimler AG in Ukraine. Dealership network of the company includes 20 offices in the country’s largest cities.


Our goal is to carefully take care of customers – says CEO of “AutoCapital” company Yaroslav Pryhara. – Providing high qualitative information and services, as well as involvement of talented, ambitious professionals with high creative potential in our business is the most important task of the team.

– Usually, the Germans choose work force meticulously. And you are quite young and successful General Director of the Daimler representational office… What preceded it?

Perseverance and hard work. In the early 2000s many had great opportunities to fulfil themselves. New markets, new economy needed new staff, which was in deficit and therefore there was a demand and supply. Finally, those who wanted to achieve something, build a career, fulfil themselves, were able to do that relatively easily.

The best or nothing! Yaroslav Pryhara

– So you had a lucky ticket?

You can say so: I was at the right time in the right place. But I am convinced, that despite luck, I really wanted that and persistently went to my goal. The Ukrainians are talented people! And there are lots of creative young people. Unfortunately, not everyone can implement their ideas and fantasies. One does not have enough knowledge and confidence, laziness interferes others. Desire and opportunity – this is always a combination in which desire and persistence – 90% of success. The rest is occurrence. In my situation the formula has worked: all at once. And already at the age of twenty-two, I became the leader of a small team. And after graduation, I became the youngest of managers of Daimler AG representative office inUkraine.

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– After taking over the position what tasks did you put to the team?

I had key and strategic task – the elimination of the informal “grey market” of Mercedes-Benz automobiles in Ukraine. And I want to say, that I, or rather my team, have almost succeeded. For example, in 2008 the market of Ukraine has exceeded 600 thousand of Mercedes-Benz cars. From 2009 to 2015 this figure abruptly decreased to 45 thousand per year.But at the same time there was a paradoxical situation: if previously 70% of the market was completed with unscrupulous, “grey” or “black” dealers, now 90% – only official sale. That is, in the general market decline, we as the official representative of Mercedes-Benz only improved our figures. And 2012 was a record for us at all. It was the best year in the history of representation; we managed to sell more than in the previous few years taken together. 2017 can also pleasantly impress us. At least there are all the chances for that.

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– Are there many clients of Mercedes-Benz in Ukraine?

It is difficult to say. After all, among the total number of brand cars that we represent, there are many – that is to say – counterfeit, informal, delivered in different ways … I can only state the official sale. Today the “AutoCapital” company, the official importer of Mercedes-Benz in Ukraine, sells on average 3,000 cars per year. I hope this figure will tend to increase.

– Perhaps you are satisfied with your work?

Of course. My work inspires me to new heights. I have a great team of associates. All my subordinates – are professional team, fantastic people. And I have gained all my professional achievements thanks to them.

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– As a manager of a large company, would you give practical advice to young businessmen. Maybe for someone it will be useful?

Hardly, I can recommend something universal. There are different life circumstances and situations… I think you should always act deliberately, look only forward, even when you want to look back. I am convinced that the formula for success does not exist. But I absolutely have confidence in furious diligence and perseverance, desire to achieve goals and never to give up.