The suit for the President – the secret has been revealed


In a gentleman’s suit, as in business and politics, every detail is important.

50% of success of the whole affair often depends on it. All the secrets of genuine gentleman’s clothing are known by Steve Kriplani, co-owner of the “The Imperial Tailoring Company”. The company is among the top 10 international living tailors. Mr. Steve can be seen in one and the same place – in St. Sofi a Square in the centre of the Ukrainian capital at his small cozy workshop. 13 consecutive years running, a graduate of Tailor & Cutter’s London School, has been working here.

During this time, his suits have already transformed into a legend. They are ordered by the first persons of the state and by business people. Style, elegance, concordance of design, the highest quality of fabric, accessories and almost everything is a handmade production of the Italian and English tailors. Today the company opens a new direction – smart casual. Everything is made on a by-order basis here – starting from a bow tie and finishing with shoes. Collections are updated everywhere. Production capacity is located in the UK and Italy.

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The suit, wearing which you will look for one million dollar’s worth, consists of trifles. This is not a stocked thing. A good suit is sewn specifically for you. It is not only high-quality fabric, a good lining, buttons, inside – canvas processing. It includes a completely manual work. Like the fingerprints, the figure of each person is unique.

The professional knows about it.

All our suits are presidential ones. In India it is accepted – every client is like God. Therefore, I treat all my clients as vip-clients. Everyone who has come to me is a president. I do not disclose the names.

I can tell about one of the presidents. He loves the tweed. I knew about it. I delivered to him the samples of the tweed party of six colours.

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He ordered all the six ones. And still, when I look at his performances on television, I see that he is in tweed costumes. It really suits him. And he understands it. People that understand are nice to work with.

For diplomats and for politicians complying with the protocol is essential. This is respect for your country first of all. It is necessary to pay attention to the colours and to give preference to classical blue and grey but not a bright colour.

I never accept a compromise with quality. We have English and Italian fabrics; we have natural wool without synthetics. Suppliers deal with their business at the second or even third generation.

They keep their reputation. Therefore, you can rely on them. Everything depends on the quality of the fabric. The suit serves you three times longer.

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Clients will come to us when after some time they change their figures. And the suit is like a new one. The fabric breathes. When you are looking for qualitative materials, you take care of it – you give it to dry-cleaning in a timely manner, you do prevention and it will serve more than 10 years. We give lifetime warranty to every customer.

I want my clients to get the maximum services. For example – you have money, you can go to the salon and buy Mercedes but Bentley can only be ordered. Just wait, and when you get a car, it will be a completely different feeling.

The same I can say about my suits. Our clients share this feeling.

In India people say: you have to work so your name would be remembered well and after you.

We have been working this way.