The thermal sources and the fish doctors – Turkey can take your breath away


On September 28th, 2018, the Third International Conference on Medical Tourism and Turkish Thermal Sources was held under the patronage of the Turkish Province Sivas administration and under the auspices of the Turkish Healthcare Tourism Council (THTC).

The ancient city of Sivas and the province of the same name, whose capital it is, is known in Turkey by its thermal springs, waters of which have special medicinal properties and can be used as excellent medicines against skin and nervous diseases.

To transform Turkey into a global destination and turn Sivas and its surroundings into a world class health resort – this ambitious goal was put forward by the provincial government and THTC, inviting the medical doctors, healthcare and media representatives from more than 25 countries to a conference this year.

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The conference participants had an opportunity not only to get acquainted with modern and comfortable hotels built in close proximity to the sources of thermal waters, but also to feel, plunging into them, all the positive therapeutic effect of these sources.

The special interest and special delight of the participants of the conference was caused by a visit to the city of Kangal, in the basins of which they are planting therapeutic fish – they succumb to the human body and after such a procedure a person experiences a significant improvement in their physical and psychological condition.

Extremely effective these unusual fish-doctors are in the treatment of such a severe disease as the psoriasis. It was specially mentioned by representatives of the local university during the conference, speaking about the prospects of healthcare tourism in this region of Turkey.

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Separately, the rich historical heritage of the province of Sivas, which for centuries was a harbor for many peoples and cultures, can take the breath away of even the most sophisticated tourist.

The positive dynamics of the development of medical tourism in the province of Sivas and the diversity of its cultural and historical monuments lead to the situation that soon friendly Turkey will be associated by the Ukrainian tourists not only with Istanbul and Antalya.