The world is ready to lend us a friendly shoulder to lean on. We highly appreciate our western partners support


The world community positively reacts to some democratic changes in Ukraine. Our international partners support us in our confrontation with the Russian Federation. This support is probably not always the kind our country relies on. How do you predict a further development of relations with our partners?

– Predictability is extremely important in international relations. Our partners always have a right to know what to expect from us, so we were and remain consistent as well as reliable partners for our friends all over the world. We highly appreciate the US and Europe support, however, we’ve got a great deal of projects and plans we are going to implement together with our partners. We already pursue some serious steps to inform national governments of friendly states concerning a flow of subsequent events and what we really need. We are very pleased to see our foreign partners expressing their readiness to lend us a friendly shoulder to lean on. I’ve already had numerous meetings with diplomats of partner countries and my pleasure to utter: we are engaged in a very constructive dialogue.

The world is ready to lend us a friendly shoulder to lean on. We highly appreciate our western partners support

Before a presidential run, you spent “Days of Ukraine” in Latvia. Many criticized you for this, but this event turned out to be the most successful presentation of Ukrainian culture abroad. How did you manage to do this without country’s assistance?

– Sometimes country’s non-interference serves as the best assistance. In Ukraine, fortunately, there are a lot of talented people who represent our country and culture with dignity abroad. I have the honor to be acquainted with and have friendly relations with such personalities and I know for sure, they will help to create a positive image of Ukraine worldwide.

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I’m sure the most successful projects will continue to function and a lot of new ones are likely to emerge. In my turn, I will help according to my area of expertise to promote Ukraine as a cultural country in the world.

Do you think that a humanitarian policy and in particular policy focused on the improvement of our country image on the international scene should be within the competence of the President of Ukraine or it’s the scope of the government’s responsibility?

– As you know, in accordance with the Constitution of Ukraine the President represents a nation in international relations and supervises a country’s foreign policy. My part of the job I’ll be doing diligently and responsibly. I’m sure, we’ll cooperate with governments in this particular field constructively and effectively.

And not only with governments: a country’s image is created by various national institutions, private organizations, philanthropists and representatives of different spheres including culture and business etc.

The world is ready to lend us a friendly shoulder to lean on. We highly appreciate our western partners supportDid you start working on the return of occupied territories even before your inauguration? What way are you going to do this in future?

– We’ve got a lot of things to do, it’s a difficult but rather a vital sphere of my activity. The main thing is: everybody needs to understand that OUR people live in occupied territories and speaking about the return of territories we must think primarily about the return of people. We’ve got a roadmap, a very skillful negotiator Leonid Kuchma proceeded to “the Minsk process” again.

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Of course, we greatly appreciate our Western countries help. During my presidential term I really want to get a problem resolved in the Crimea and Donbass.

How do you regard ways of returning Ukrainians emigrated from different reasons to other countries of the world?

– The way is only single: creation of economic conditions in order people are interested to come back to Ukraine. They need to be aware of they will find a decent job (of course, with decent salary) or set up their own business and run it freely. Many countries managed to do this including the ones used to be in the Soviet camp, we’ll also do this. By the way, we’d better learn experience of our Polish friends that established “Polish Card”.

It’s the first document to be admitted to citizenship and you can get it easily. “Polish Card” makes possible to be integrated in Poland quickly.

This presidential election was just democratic for the whole history of independence. It’s clear, people believed in you with a hope for changes, better life… But there should be enough professionals to carry out these changes. Do you have such people in your team?

– The president appoints not so many officials and people I want to have in my team I already know.

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I hope in parliamentary elections, citizens will elect the most worthy deputies who will form a professional and efficient government and all together we will stick to the one aim: European, prosperous and united Ukraine.

The world is ready to lend us a friendly shoulder to lean on. We highly appreciate our western partners support

Since 2014, the diplomacy of Ukraine has been experiencing really tough times according to many experts’ views. Some people say about a crisis in the foreign affairs institution of our country. Do you agree with this statement?

– I thoroughly explore the situation, as it’s an integral part of my responsibility.

To talk about the crisis seems to be a great exaggeration, but everything isn’t the way I’d like to. Together with a new Minister of Foreign Affairs (I hope, the parliament won’t delay the process of nomination) we’ll arrange the reform of our foreign affairs institution. But I reiterate we had a lot of positive things and we’re going to preserve everything positive. It’s about high ranking officials.

What we really need to do as quickly as possible is to appoint ambassadors in many important countries for us.

The world is ready to lend us a friendly shoulder to lean on. We highly appreciate our western partners support

From your perspective, is Ukraine an attractive country? What is this attractiveness about?

– I wouldn’t like to live in any other country. Is it the answer ? Ukrainians are incredible people! That’s why we won’t fail.

What would you like to wish the readers of our publication?

– To love what you do. It’s the only way to achieve success. And good luck.