TOUCH OF ETERNITY. «Lobortas» Classic Jewelry House

«Lobortas» Classic Jewelry House is a renowned, world-famous workshop. This is a Ukrainian pride of jewelry art. Creative laboratory and design bureau of the XXI century. Over 120 different inventions, innovations and know-how in the field of processing gemstones and metals have been created by the artists and craftsmen of «Lobortas» House during 26 years of its existence. This is a new school of highly artistic, exclusive jewelry, a creative head of which is Ukrainian inventor Igor Lobortas.


Sometimes I am asked: “Who owns the master-Lobortas and its art: Ukraine or the whole world?” And I answer – certainly everyone, but above all – Ukraine and Ukrainians!

Класичний ювелірний дім «Лобортас»

 Coming back to the past …

It all started with an idea and a great desire to fulfil a dream.

In the difficult 90s we launched our activity. At first we dealt with the processing of jewelry and gemstones, manufacturing jewelry made of cupronickel. Later we created our own sector with gem-cutting and began to create jewelry. We worked for a long time, we created much and we studied constantly.

Actually, I always had big ambitions, especially at creativity. I was amazed and delighted with scrupulous crafts. I wanted to succeed at this very much. In 1998, the idea to create a series of world significant jewels, which would be equivalent to masterpieces of Carl Faberge’s – «Easter eggs» and Alfred Cartier’s – «Magic Clock», arose. As a result, «World on the Palm» collection, which has become classics, appeared. In the following years my creative team and me created a lot of world famous jewelry. Various original boxes, cigarette cases, lockets, pendants and bracelets, necklaces and earrings – all these were created by the hands of our craftsmen – masters of «Lobortas» Classic Jewelry House.

«Dance of Angel»

The famous ring, where 837 diamonds and a number of gemstones are fixed, entered Ukrainian Book of Records.

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Класичний ювелірний дім «Лобортас»

«Swan Princess»

Glorious golden ring is made in an unusual style, but at the same time, the notes of composer Rimsky-Korsakov are heard and a classic look of a fairy bird is recognized. This is a unique benefit performance of jewelry art!

Класичний ювелірний дім «Лобортас»

Diamond record of the world!

It is difficult to imagine how so many stones could be fitted in such a small product. The «Swan Princess» ring immediately became not just jewelry, but the embodiment of a dream, thought, plexus of magic, talent and excellence. Apparently, no wonder that the world’s leading experts admit the «Lobortas» House products to be etalon in the world of jewelry masterpieces and all our intellectual and technological elaborations as the art of the highest level and quality.

The ring called «The Swan Princess» is made of 18 carat of white gold and decorated with 2525 diamonds from 0.001 to 0, 05 carat, and with total weight of 10,48 carat. The approximate cost of the product is $ 1.3 million.

«Bosphorus Сampaigns»

Famous chess with electromechanical secret, toured all over the world, collecting awards and applause. Many people copy us, passionately use as a basis, take over cultural traditions. Undoubtedly, such circumstances can’t not suite us, on the contrary, they always inspire for the new creative achievements.

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Класичний ювелірний дім «Лобортас»

Cufflinks “Trump”

We are addressed, not as good performers, but primarily as creative designers, artists, and if you want – as design engineers of jewelry. Incidentally, cufflinks presented by us for President of the USA Donald Trump – this is an exclusive order of his close associates. We had to make a compromise in the gift to the American President to satisfy the customer and at the same time to demonstrate the author’s handwriting and personality.

Of course, Donald Trump is a wealthy billionaire. He can afford much. But he was delighted and pleasantly surprised with our present. The point is that apart from gemstones and metals, an interesting mechanical action, known by everybody since physics lessons, was used in the item.

Donald Trump became the world’s first exclusive owner of cufflinks with a gyroscope – a device that can respond to changing angles of orientation of the body where it is installed. The simplest example of a gyroscope is a top. These cufflinks were presented to Donald Trump in 2016, during our meeting with him at the Mar-a-Lago club in Palm Beach, Florida.

Класичний ювелірний дім «Лобортас»

Cufflinks «Trump» can be described as an innovative and totally individual accessory. In the central part there is a portrait of Donald Trump made in enamel technique. Bars of cufflinks are stylistic embodiment of Trump Tower skyscraper in New York City, and a lock is in the form of the part of a golf club with a ball and a golf course fragment. Gyroscopic system, when a central part of an accessory is always in one position, has been used for the first time in cufflinks and it is a revolutionary event in the world of men’s accessories.

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A few words about the ambassadorial gifts…

We have created a lot of gifts and presented them generously. For example, the Tibetan Buddhist spiritual leader and the Nobel Peace Prize Winner Dalai Lama XIV was exalted a precious statuette in the shape of a monk- philosopher. And we gladly presented an accessory in the form of a glazed tree, made in the best traditions of «Lobortas» House, to NASA astronaut of Ukrainian origin, the first Ukrainian woman who travelled in space, Heidemarie M. Stefanyshyn-Piper.

Interviewed by Sergii Syvak

 Presenting an expensive gift is almost a science, a permit into high society, the business community. Probably, for good reason gifts were exchanged in ancient times. This peculiar ritual is reflected in the modern world. Very often, gift exchange can be seen during the visits of official governmental delegations. In international relations, it is considered a good form, the key to successful diplomacy, strengthening personal and business relationships of the international establishment.