UDC Ukrainian Diamond Center — Diamonds are forever!


The history of diamonds begins simultaneously with the history of adamants, because a diamond is a faceted adamant jewelry. It is extremely difficult to determine the exact time of diamond origin in the life of society, and it is impossible to find out when this mineral was treated as a precious stone. They are known to be brought to Europe in the 5th – 6th centuries BC, but they began to be used as a precious stone much later, only when the methods of its faceting appeared, which is about 550 years ago. Of course, this jewel was loved by all women. Subsequently, the expression, such as “Diamonds are girls’ best friends” appeared was coined.

At the moment, we are interviewing the president of the Ukrainian Diamond Center UDC David Ben Nun about the diamond business development in Ukraine.

David, How long has your company been working in the Ukrainian market?

– The Ukrainian Diamond Center Company has been engaged in cutting and selling diamonds, as well as has been successfully working in the field of jewelry with our products for more than 20 years.

What is Your main difference and what is the main advantage of your company in comparison with other similar structures?

– We ourselves outline our diamonds and, as manufacturers, we can offer a huge variety and reasonable prices for diamonds and jewelry.

The executives of The Ukrainian Diamond Center Company are full members of the Israel Diamond Exchange. We supply our own diamonds with fully accompanying documents and certificates to other jewelry companies to create jewelry.

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Our company has a unique and largest showroom in Ukraine with samples of finished products and a wide range of products located in the central office of UDC Ukrainian Diamond Center.

UDC Ukrainian Diamond Center — Diamonds are forever!Many successful companies have their own philosophy of success. What is Your philosophy of success?

– Our philosophy is DIAMONDS ARE FOREVER! We create beauty. We really appreciate and love the best half of humanity – the women.

Well-chosen jewelry makes the image more vivid. Fashion is changing, and diamonds are always in fashion. A night out requires real treasures.

Women, as always, strive for luxury, which can raise their spirits and self-esteem, place accents and attract admiring glances, and which is also an excellent investment for the future. Moreover, the night seems more beautiful when diamonds shine around. The philosophy of our brand makes the love and the talent stronger in serving to a real high art. Love, like a sparkling diamond, plays with our feelings and inspires creativity. And the unique beauty of real diamonds is the main treasure of the jewelry masterpiece. Diamonds have always been considered as a symbol of eternity, love and status.

Is it difficult to work in the Ukrainian diamond market?

– The Ukrainian diamond market has evolved and changed significantly over the period of the company’s existence. Ukrainians love to wear jewelry, including the ones with diamonds. In addition to the main jewelry factories in Ukraine, one hundred more companies got engaged in the production, import and sale of diamond jewelry.

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Particularly, cheap and low-quality products appeared in Ukraine. Therefore, the competition in this field is not always fair and ethical. It is very important to know where to buy jewelry or diamonds with accompanying documents and with whom to establish business relations. Many startup companies tried to sell diamonds, but they worked for a short period of time and got closed. We’ve been working for more than 20 years. And, as vice-president of the Association of Jewelers of Ukraine, I can proudly say that over the years we have managed to preserve the reputation and reliance of the company, as well as to establish cooperation with leading jewelry factories.

What is the main difference between the Ukrainian jewelry market and the European one?

– The main difference between the Ukrainian market and the European one is the difference in the culture of the people and life priorities, which leads to a different approach to jewelry. In Ukraine, women like to wear jewelry in different life circumstances – at work, in the evening, on holidays or on vacation, and treat them as a must-have accessory. And, it is also treated as investments in jewelry, as well as in gold, which is a way to save savings.

Therefore, a lot of jewelry supermarkets and large jewelry neighborhoods got opened in each shopping center. There are no jewelry supermarkets in Europe, instead jewelry boutiques or shops are more common. European women have different approach to jewelry; they wear them more for special events.

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UDC Ukrainian Diamond Center — Diamonds are forever!

Are you involved in charity or social activities?

– As the president of The Ukrainian Diamond Center Company and vicepresident of the Association of Jewelers of Ukraine, I constantly support the jewelry industry. Every year our company is a diamond partner of more than XII jewelry exhibitions in Ukraine. I am also on the board of the Ukraine-Israel Business Council. We help develop relations between the two countries, which have much in common. We participate in some public and social projects.

Are there any representatives of the Ukrainian political elite among your clients?

– Different visitors come to UDC Ukrainian Diamond Center stores, wishing to purchase diamonds or diamond jewelry directly from the manufacturer at special prices. The portrait of our client is very different. And, let us mention that we guarantee confidentiality to every visitor. It can be successful and wealthy people, shareholders or politicians, and not only from Ukraine, since we have already participated in more than 150 international jewelry exhibitions. We also have customers who buy jewelry as a present or as a bequest for their beloved children and grandchildren.

What are Your plans for the future?

– I am sure that Ukraine will have better times and a calmer atmosphere for foreign investors, and that this difficult time will pass. As King Solomon wrote: “Everything goes by, this too shall pass.” We are planning to develop sales of diamonds for jewelry companies, expand the retail chain of stores and make diamonds more affordable for gifts to loved ones. DIAMONDS ARE FOREVER!