Unique Center for Dental Surgery and Dentistry of Professor Vesova


“The most important thing for the patients is a correct diagnosis that allows them to prescribe adequate and optimal treatment, not to waste time and not to deteriorate their health status.”

The Center for Dental Surgery and Dentistry of Professor Vesova is a unique innovative clinic founded by a dental surgeon, doctor of medical sciences, Professor Olena Vesova.

The dental services market in Ukraine is quite competitive. What is the secret of your clinic’s success?

From the very beginning, our plans included creation of a clinic with both surgury profile and general dentistry services. My field of professional activity for over thirty years has been the maxillofacial surgery and dental implantation. Together with our clinical team, we have been successful in operations and also specializing in more complex cases. This niche of clinical services in the Ukrainian market is almost not filled, and highly demanding, due to the lack of strictly narrow specialists with successful experience in this field. At Professor Vesova’s Clinic, we have implemented the entire cycle of dental services, starting from diagnostics (including computed tomography), surgery, treatment of canals under the microscope and up to the therapeutic treatment and aesthetic cosmetic rehabilitation services.

How was your medical institution founded?

The idea of clinic foundation existed for a long time, but it was realized just several years ago. It was not easy for me to take this step because we wanted to create a successful professional project that would involve the best known specialists with high success rates of medical procedures. I personally evaluate the work of each doctor, I monitor every process of our patients treatment. Today, our team has the best maxillofacial surgeons, dentists, pediatric therapists, endodontists, orthodontists and prosthetists. Our team has also been forced up by the young talented professionals that speak several foreign languages and do not have the obstacles and constraints to receive the most up-to-date information in the professional field. Among them, my former students and those who have been trained at overseas clinics. They correctly and accurately, perform the endodontic work using the latest Zeiss equipment. That is one of the most promising areas in modern dentistry that helps to preserve teeth and prevent removal. The difficult but necessary stage in the development of the clinic was the formation of a team of administrators and personal coordinators, and we had to make considerable efforts to train our actual team to work in accordance with our high standards of patient care.

What are the main features that differ your clinic from the other similar institutions in Ukraine and Kyiv?

We find individual solutions for each patient, using complex unique authoring techniques that, unlike the practice of other clinics, helps to avoid tooth extraction, we never apply unnecessary, unjustified surgical interventions. Our methods are minimally invasive and low-traumatic and contributing to the rapid restoration of the operated areas. Thanks to the gentle methods of intervention, our patients almost do not lose their ability to work, so they do not fall out of active working mode.

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We were the first to provide rehabilitation for patients after surgery and dental diseases (neurological symptoms, deforming skin scars and mucous membranes, for example, injuries, including the road accidents traumas). Patients should not be left alone with their problems without medical support. Our principle of work – if we do, we do it with the completely successful result. Now, our colleagues at other partner affiliate clinics are reaching out to us for the rehabilitation of their patients and that is a proof of great professional confidence.

The most important thing for the patients is a correct diagnosis that allows them to prescribe adequate and optimal treatment, not to waste time and not to deteriorate their health status.

With all of our patients, we have maintained warm and friendly relationship for many years and we are becoming family doctors, as well.

We maintain professional relationships with many related specialists, we implement a multidisciplinary approach to the examination and treatment of patients, because there is no autonomous dental disease, as a rule, there is a systematic approach to the patient and illness. An important area of our activity is the prevention of the occurrence of dental pathologies and that is why we practice a multidisciplinary approach.

Unique Center for Dental Surgery and Dentistry of Professor VesovaAre there any medical services that can be provided only at your clinic?

Yes, we carry out a sparing type of surgery, we do not make, traditional in surgery, cuts of mucous tissue, we use patchy plastic surgery that almost does not leave the scar, and allow to avoid, unfortunately, such a common consequence in surgery as the necrosis. We also specialize in the treatment of salivary glands and inflammation of the trigeminal nerve, solving neurological problems.

Unlike other clinics, we consider a problem in the complex, all modern treatments and diagnostics are used as preparatory steps before complex surgery to preserve and repair bone and soft tissue. We do many complicated operations that are not performed at the same level by other institutions. I was one of the first implantologists in Ukraine to begin installing implants by Nobel Biocare that differ from others ones due to the high technology, the highest degree of reliability and durability, as well as survivability. We were one of the first clinics in Ukraine that had mastered surgical periodontology. In our clinic we have assembled an excellent team of orthodontists, they are the unique specialists that develop sophisticated orthodontic models of molds of the jaws, evaluate and reconstruct the history of tooth movement to its present natural state, they model the parameters and make a forecast how, taking into account the natural correction, to avoid the unsuccessful actions and return to the previous state, without removing of the bone system. Thus, we achieve the best results.

To get a perfect result is the main goal of every member of the physician team. Their work must be impeccable and that is our top priority.


How do you assess the overall state of dental surgery in Ukraine?

I would note the rather rapid growth in demand for the services of professional implantologists and periodontal surgeons.

I would divide patients into groups, one of which seeks to obtain the highest quality services and they agree to carry out all the preparatory stages of treatment in order to achieve the successful implantation with a guaranteed long-term result. At the same time, another group of patients agrees to receive services from non-profile specialists without use of proper preparatory steps.

We are constantly approached by patients after unsuccessful operations. We give our helping hands for them to eliminate severe postoperative complications.

We make a significant contribution to the development of this medical field, together with my daughter, also maxillofacial surgeon Anna Krivosheyeva, we had been teaching for many years at the Department of maxillofacial surgery, we have been providing doctors with postgraduate education and in addition – a valuable opportunity to practice at our clinic. The path to real professionalism is the complex and long-standing one, but it is our future and the future of Ukrainian medicine.

Can the introduction of insurance medicine become a certain lifeline for the domestic health care system or would it only worsen the overall situation?

I believe that the introduction of health insurance can become a breath of fresh air in the functioning of the health care system.

The population will finally be able to get an access to the quality services in private and public health facilities. This will facilitate the two- way rapid development of the medical business and it will also enable the public hospitals to obtain sufficient funding to provide facilities and equipment. Insurance medicine, finally, may in some ways lead to improved quality of service, thanks to the supervision of medical professionals by insurance companies, although this is unfortunately likely to have an impact on the cost of the insurance itself. The transition to insurance medicine, in any case, should be done in stages, taking into account the level of average income of the population.

What exactly is the individual approach to each patient in your clinic?

Our approach is complex. Usually the patient comes to the consultation of the therapist, who may issue a referral for surgery, or to other specialists. But the surgical problem requires attention and the development of plan of treatment by a surgeon. I would compare this to home renovation and decoration: in one case, you, on the basis of your vision, purchase repair materials and furniture and hire the workers. Otherwise: you seek the services of an experienced designer who inspects your home, makes calculations, assesses the condition of the home as a whole, develops an appropriate plan, outlines in detail the design of the future interior, taking into account your features, habits, and preferences, selects colors, shape of furniture, decoration of walls.

When finished, you get a perfect interior, with all the details in place, and all the little things elaborated, and you do not have to seek and buy additional items that are also difficult to fit into the finished interior. The surgeon develops a plan of surgical intervention, based on the task. At the medical council, we listen to the opinion of every specialist involved in our professional team. We modify and approve the final plan of preparatory work. What does this mean for the patient? Qualitatively and sparingly performed surgery, the absence of significant scar deformities on the mucosa, due to the use of the author’s plastic methods, twice easier and faster recovery period. In the case of dental implantation – after quality preparatory work – the implant is set quickly and, successfully, guaranteed for an unlimited period of time. Thus, we save the most precious for our patients – the time they can devote to relatives, to work or other pleasant and important things in their lives, and not to spend it on constant corrections of poor quality work. In order to give patients a sense of calm, we provide each patient with a personal coordinator.

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What qualifications should medical doctor meet to work for you? How do you recruit? What are the main criteria for medical professionals?

I invite all members of the professional team personally. Our staff is time-tested and patient-friendly professionals that we have worked with for many years. And this is not an exaggeration – they are all the masters of their craft. I can give recommendations for them, I can entrust them my patients, being one hundred percent sure of final result. Each of them has high qualification, great experience and impeccable reputation. I also evaluate young professionals by the results of their work, check how knowledgeable they are in their field, whether they are ready or willing to work in a team, how they treat patients: whether they are attentive and caring about them.

Do you plan to expand the range of health care services?

Yes, we recently opened a new area for our clinic. This is the post-operative aesthetic cosmetic rehabilitation. After reconstructive surgeries, complex dental surgeries, there is often a need for aesthetic corrections. We are realizing this opportunity in our clinic.

We constantly keep our fingers on the pulse of modern technologies and innovations, we take an active part in prominent international congresses, scientific and practical conferences. We share experience with our European colleagues. We use all the most effective and progressive technological directions in maxillofacial surgery, dental surgery in our daily work.

Do you plan to set up a network of healthcare facilities?

Professor Vesova’s Clinic is a unique innovative company with an individual approach to each patient. Today, we have elaborated a centralized brand that embodies high professionalism, intellectual decisions and quality. In any case, the idea of expansion will take time to form units with the best specialists, but we are the optimists.