Woman in politics – Iryna Sysoyenko. Exclusive


Iryna Sysoyenko, People’s Deputy of Ukraine of VIII convocation, Deputy Chairman of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine Committee on Health Care, Member of the Association of Advocates and Lawyers of Ukraine, tells the Fashion of Diplomacy whether great Ukrainian policy is getting a woman’s face, how important the presence of women-deputies in the Verkhovna Rada is, whether “gender quota” has become a revolutionary breakthrough in the Ukrainian political system and also about the draft law of the new medical reform.

2017 has become a real breakthrough in European integration. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs credits itself with it; the Presidential Administration credits itself with it, too. What you think is the contribution of the Verkhovna Rada to the fact that we are approaching Europe?

In fact, this year we have become one step closer to the European Union. But, I dare to point out that European integration is not only visa free regime. Political will of both government and parliament are necessary for the complete implementation of the Association Agreement. Thus, the Prime Minister should give the Vice Prime Minister the powers on the issue of European integration to control the implementation of the obligations entrusted state to the in the field of European integration, and in case of their non-fulfillment have the opportunity to influence it. And the Parliament in its turn should adopt European integration laws, it should be noted that the Association Agreement provides for changes to more than 350 legislative acts in accordance with the EU legislation.

That is why, I can say with certainty that European integration is a daily system change as a result of the joint work of the parliament, the government and, of course, the public.

As for “visa free regime”, I can say with certainty that this is undoubtedly a breakthrough in modernizing our country, because of the possibility of our citizens to see the action of the EU standards that we intend to introduce in Ukraine in the framework of the implementation of the Association Agreement.

The representative of your political force has become one of the most effective vice-speakers of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine. Can we say that great Ukrainian policy is getting a woman’s face?

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In October, 2015, the norm on the “gender quota” was first time included in the electoral legislation of Ukraine. It has become revolutionary for the Ukrainian political system. By the Law of Ukraine “On Political Parties in Ukraine”, the size of quotas that determines the minimum level of representation of women and men in the electoral roll of candidates for deputies of Ukraine from the party in the national constituency, candidates for deputies of local councils in multi-mandate constituencies, was defined and has to be at least 30 percent of the total number of candidates in the electoral roll. And Article 17-5 of the same Law guarantees additional state financing of the party, which, according to the results of the elections, has no more than two thirds of one article in its composition.

Despite the “Samopomych” party, among whom there were 11 women-deputies out of the 32 elected deputies, that is almost 36% (one third), none of the other parties had this indicator.

It is hard to say whether great Ukrainian policy is getting a woman’s face. As a result of gender monitoring of the 2014 parliamentary elections, women-candidates in politics are significantly less noticeable than men. However, our political force is trying to eliminate androcentrism in the Ukrainian politics by its personal example.

There are many women in your faction. Is this a gender reform of the Ukrainian authorities?

Whereas men are fighting a lot, these are either interpersonal conflicts or a war of interests, etc. – a woman concentrates on the peaceful resolution of problems. After all, a woman has features like warm-heartedness, creativity, therefore it becomes clear that the more women are engaged in social issues, health care, children’s protection, ecology, and the more socially oriented our policy becomes. It is precisely social issues that men sometimes do not even think about because it is at the periphery of their interests.

So, achieving success in the above-mentioned spheres of public life is our prerogative — female politicians, because this is often our pain, in which we are more effective than men.

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You have established the Medical School. Are you trying to stop the outflow of skilled personnel abroad?

I cannot treat the sick, but I can contribute so that those who treat the patients are as highly skilled as possible! This is my personal philosophy, which I am guided by in my daily work thinking about patients.

I am very pleased that the Medical School project (the school of professional development of the medical staff) continues its work.

I consider such a platform to be important for communication. After all, by adopting new laws, creating new conditions for medical workers, the work of the Medical School is my help, support, cooperation with healthcare workers.

All the work of the School is on a royalty-free basis for visitors! We regularly hold lectures on the professional development of doctors, nurses, on various interesting topics, we are trying to attract practitioners and create conditions in order they share knowledge and experience with others.

A professional and highly qualified physician — a guarantee of quality medical care to the patient!

Your attitude to medical reform

Today, reforming the health care system is one of the most urgent and discussed issues in the Ukrainian society.

First of all, these are health experts and public figures, people’s deputies and other politicians, healthcare managers and ordinary medical staff. All of them have their own vision of the reform of health care and its consequences for the citizens of our country. Unfortunately, this vision is formed mainly on the basis of personal convictions, and not as a result of the elaboration of the latest draft law “On State Financial Guarantees for Medical Care of the Population”. After reviewing a sufficiently large number of “analytical” articles and “professional experts” comments, it becomes clear that these people are not at all familiar with the text of this draft law, which is prepared and submitted to the second reading. After all, everybody knows that almost 900 amendments were submitted to the mentioned draft law.

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According to the above-mentioned draft law, payment for medical services and medicines, not only of primary care, emergency medical aid, palliative care, but also secondary care, highly specialized medical care and medical rehabilitation is provided within the framework of the State Guarantee Program. Also, childbirth will be subjected to the payment. The state will pay every penny that is in the budget for medical services and medicines. Also in the draft law, the concept of “clinical protocols” remains as amended in the current legislation, but this does not mean that doctors cannot treat Ukrainian patients according to the European guidelines.

For those citizens who can pay with their own funds: the draft law gives the opportunity to receive medical assistance in a private medical institution, provided that the state pays only the cost of the tariff to a private institution, as well as to the state hospital, and the difference between the tariff and the cost of service in a private hospital must be paid by the patient on their own.

There is also the possibility of choosing a doctor by the patient and the fact that the received medical services and medicines should be of proper quality, etc.

Therefore, it is safe to say that the “horror stories” about the medical reform are disseminated by those who get profit from preserving “shadow flows” from patients. And in fact, enormous work has been done and we have got quite solid results, which I hope and I really want to believe in it, will soon bring the health care system of our state to the whole new level in order to improve the health and life quality of each of us. And finally, Ukraine will be able to implement what many post-Soviet countries already did more than 15-20 years ago. Now the matter depends on the people’s deputies. I hope they will support the initiatives, which are proposed by the draft law!