One Should not be a Hostage to the Style. We Have Freedom of Choice


Classic black and white suits and dresses are receding into the past. Today, you can experiment with the colours and styles of clothing, while staying feminine and not going beyond the business style. Designer Katya Silchenko is advising how to do this.

“One Should not be a Hostage to the Style. We Have Freedom of Choice.”

The complete black and white colours in the business style are the legacy of the Soviet Union. If you look at what is happening in the world, it is immediately visible. As an example, Melania Trump. She constantly accompanies her husband on trips and has an elegant business image. Melanie is feminine. She has almost all the colour palette besides black. Sometimes she can wear jeans and a jacket — and this is also a business style. We need to look for sources of inspiration and create our image.

How to choose the length of a skirt?

It all depends on the beauty of your legs. Sometimes it would be desirable to wear a shorter one, but the style supposedly does not allow. You do not have to be a hostage to the style. We have freedom of choice. Midi length suits women very much. It is noble; this is not an office version to which everyone is accustomed. The business style often attributes knee-length skirt to women. However, it does not suit everyone. In addition, midi is suitable for almost all women.

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The perfect image is when you put on a beautiful dress and choose a jacket to match it.

In the evening, you do not have to waste time getting home. Take off your jacket, put on some extravagant earrings, shoes with higher heels, and you can safely go to meet friends or beloved one. The next day – this jacket can be worn with a blouse and a skirt. It is better to choose exactly such images.

One Should not be a Hostage to the Style. We Have Freedom of Choice

Wearing trousers, most people are worried about how their hips look. And I pay more attention to the inguinal area. If there is excess weight, it is better to wear a jacket or an elongated blouse over the trousers; it may be a sweater, which will cover this area. If you are slim enough, you can choose any trousers — with a high waistline or a classic waist height.

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A win-win is a blue shirt from cotton.

It looks great with jeans and a suit. It may be even a bit oversize. It looks very stylish and refreshes very well. Therefore, each woman must have a blue and white shirt, a light silk white blouse. Moreover, there is a shirt with puffed sleeves and wide cuff s that are put on over the head.

The smell of the body depends on the quality of the fabric. If you want the skin to breathe and there was no sense of sweat, you have to choose natural fabrics. Everything that touches the body — lingerie, wife-beaters and dresses should be made of natural fibers.

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Neckline is a great taboo. Breast is not a luxury today. Almost every woman can afford it.

Top clothing for business style is a coat.

Every year when I release new collections, I always make the basic ones, so that they fi t into business style. The coat is better to be made of cashmere. It completes the image. This is always a very good fabric. And everyone will notice it. The coat can be decorated with a small piece of fur. For example, mink. The colours are beige, camel, graphite.

To preserve femininity in a business style, you need to know the peculiarities of your figure. Having a beautiful waist, you have to bring it out. Do not wear anything bulky on top, and a midi-skirt. And there will be a beautiful silhouette. If the hands are attractive, then there is no need to wear a jacket with a very long sleeve. Let it be neat or a little higher. You can wear watches or some jewelry.