Spiritual Сrossroad of World Civilizations

By Volodimer Volkov. Community activist, businessman, environmentalist.


Ukrainian state is a friendly country that is willing to share its heritage, culture and history with other nations. Cooperation with leading countries – the PRC (which is almost the one that uses the word “co-development”), will help our young but strong state equalize its chances in the international arena.

The Chinese scientist Alan Yuu is developing the project of publication of Ukrainian “Kobzar” in Chinese language (the child of Taras Shevchenko, grown up in love, suffering, spiritual ups and downs). The book, which will subsequently be presented in China will accommodate the nature of the world that Taras Shevchenko saw, through which he lived and was inspired.

In order Mr. Alan was able to understand the thoughts of Taras Hryhorovych and convey this experience to colleagues and artists who afterwards will draw illustrations to the works, excursions to all the known places where the memory of Shevchenko lives (the dwelling of the poet, museums, Kaniv, burial place) were conducted for him and the whole delegation. He was given different materials for consideration like informative disks, consumer stuff of Shevchenko epoch, his original paintings and poems. All this refers to the fact that the Chinese poorly understand Ukrainian mentality and themes of art, poetry and painting in general, and this will help better adjust to Ukrainian.

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Alan Yuu believes that having studied the technique of Shevchenko Chinese artists will be able to create something unique, not seen by their nation before. Of course, the artists who were born in the 30-40s in China are familiar with the works of Taras Shevchenko, and partly understand the value of his thoughts. But it is necessary to acquaint modern youth and students of the National Academy of Painting, and Calligraphy of China and talented young artists, with such values. Heritage, which Ukrainian people adopted from the genius of brush and pen is invaluable.

At the moment, the delegation of China and Ukrainian qualified experts are engaged in joint development of “Kobzar” layout at the National Museum of Taras Shevchenko. The new edition of “Kobzar” will be done in Chinese with illustrations on Taras Shevchenko’s themes in the style of “Guohua” that Chinese artists will create under the impressions received during their stay in Ukraine. The book should be majestic, including the best creative achievements of Taras Shevchenko.

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Everyone who has been deeply studying the creativity of Shevchenko for years certainly knows he deserves world recognition. After all it is our history, all life, the ups and downs of the Ukrainian state and people. For us, he is primarily not a poet, not an artist, but the man who fought for freedom and liberty against slavery. It is well understandable for our mentality, but it is hard to perceive not endured events through which our ancestors passed for the Chinese people. That’s why the words that can convey ideology will help our friends understand Shevchenko’s art. Exactly in this regard it was suggested to submit comments of Ukrainian and Chinese experts to compare the written and analyze differences of views beneath the texts and the paintings. Maybe it will be the Chinese, that feel the nature superfine, who will be able to reproduce the written by genius of Ukrainian pen differently, in their own way.

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Such cooperation and exchange of heritage experience will help the two peoples find a key to mutual understanding and cooperation, which can be used in the future. We certainly have something to share and we are gladly willing to cooperate with the country, which is interested in it. And China is interested, because it wants to know the language of other peoples and learn their culture and history. Today it has visited Ukraine.