All the Ukrainian things have a special power – Aina Gassé


The name Aina Gassé is associated with elegance, style and status. She has become the first Ukrainian designer to enter the Italian Fashion National Chamber. The collections of her fashion house pleasantly surprise and inspire. For Fashion of Diplomacy, Ms. Aina has been telling about the things any business woman can fail to do and how to create the own unique style.

What is the difference between modern Ukrainian fashion industry and the world brands?

– We have very hardworking and talented designers. Without this school, with such a choice of materials and conditions as, for example, in Italy or England, we create true masterpieces and offer the exclusive items for the world. And we are appreciated due to this. Our fashion industry has been growing steadily. New formats are opened and horizons are expanded. Ukrainian designers are the alternative to well-established brands. Made in Ukraine creates a unique and original style. All the Ukrainian things have a special power.

Our politicians and business representatives after travelling abroad are common to say that the foreigners are surprised by the quality and style of Ukrainian designers’ clothes.

– Ukraine now has been fighting for its place in the global economic arena. Therefore, not everyone believes that people here can create the truly and worthy things. This is very evident when we participate in the exhibitions or in the shows abroad. You can often hear “Are you from Ukraine? Do you create such qualitative things there? “Our state has been recently discovered by them. Society has been changing, especially for the last four years, and these changes and inspirations are also reflected in our work. We are a few steps closer to the West. But much more must be done for Ukrainian fashion has started to work there as it should be.

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What did your brand start with?

– After the institute, I opened my own parlor and then – a design studio. My team studied and grew up with me. Each time we set ourselves more and more complex tasks. We quickly got to the level when we could sew absolutely everything – from swimsuits to fur coats, both women’s and men’s clothing. At that stage, we began to create our own collections and to participate in the fashion shows and prestigious exhibitions.

Today we are a team with a single heart, with the single idea. Every day, we work to make our customers happier.

In one interview you said: “We strictly adhere to the rules of corporate ethics, we always keep the secrets of our clients.” What could be the secret of a designer?

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– In fact, a lot of things can be. If the customers of our fashion house express the wish to keep secret information about their tastes, shapes, prices for orders, etc., then we in no case have the right to reveal it.

“Black is the greatest one of colours. On its background the rest colours start to be the vibrant ones. A man in black – elegant, a woman – mysterious and sexy. This color always adds slenderness. It is out of fashion”.

All the Ukrainian things have a special power - Aina Gassé

Can you give some advice from Aina Gassé to women that value the style and do not violate the rules?

– What is extremely important for a woman? To be in all situations unsurpassed, beautiful and worthy to be looked at. It is impossible without the right clothes aimed to create an ideal image even for an incomparable beauty. It’s known to everyone, but sometimes people do not follow the rules. In the wardrobe of each lady there must be basic things. Especially if she has frequent business trips and the status binds her to a business style. It is necessary to carefully select jackets, blouses, skirts, dresses and imperatively those ones that lawlessly suit and graze.

The clothes should be chosen, considering the type of the colour. And there are four of the types of the colour – for autumn, for winter, for spring and for summer. Thus you can create a perfect wardrobe.

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If it is necessary to follow the rules, it is better to consult with a specialist, with a true connoisseur of the things. Only doing that the mistakes can be avoided.

Which special services do the vip clients of your fashion house get?

– We help our customers to create an individual image that is out of times and trends. At the same time we take into account everything – from temperament, type of colour, activity, character and family status. The final result is so interesting and personal to everyone that it is impossible to imagine it otherwise.

Which rules are the main ones for you at work?

– First of all, we must always give orders in a time – even if we have to work at night.

Secondly, the outfit should be light due to its own energy and no matter whether a man or a woman you are – you must feel 100 percent confidence in it.

My team knows well that sewing should be done in a positive way, thus the thing will bring the joy. Many of our customers say: “In this dress, I always have luck!”

All the Ukrainian things have a special power - Aina Gassé