“Clothes-Transformer” and the development of new Ukrainian brand VERLOS


The modern Ukrainian fashion industry is experiencing dramatic transformations. The Ukrainian trading guild holds that the domestic market of clothes and shoes has emerged from the recession and is growing fast about 15–20 % a year. In addition, the number of pioneer Ukrainian brands is growing up for 1–3 % annually.

Today, the Ukrainian designer and brand founder Ruslana Verlos tells us about a new clothes style “Clothes-Transformer” and the development of new brand VERLOS.

Ruslana, you are involved in the fashion industry, you are a Ukrainian designer, and it’s a challenging business for the Ukrainian market as well. What induced you to deal with fashion?

I’ve loved fashion industry since my childhood. My first steps as a designer were taken at school. I sewed my first items having no idea about garment construction, pattern drawing, modeling… I did it by intuition. And I managed to do it. All of this inspired me to create something new on a regular basis. My friends stayed in line so that I would sew them a suit or skirt. Short capri pants were trendy that time.

And, of course, I did it with pleasure. It’s probably my mission. Because even today I’m constantly designing something new, giving impulses for the formation of new style, new fashion. It’s my life.

What do you think a Ukrainian style is?

From my perspective, the Ukrainian style is forming gradually, but with confidence as well as our native fashion industry. Ukrainian designers are known worldwide, respected and loved in Europe, America. And globally, we are already needful. Our stuff is creative, qualitative and rather specific.

Our culture and traditions are rich. That’s why it’s a plentiful source of inspiration! Moreover, our Ukrainian culture encourages the creation of masterpieces not only by a Ukrainian origin. The icons of fashion industry such as Valentyno, Gucci, Galliano and Gotye permanently use elements of the national Ukrainian costume. They presented some Ukrainian elements in their collections. A famous New-York designer Prabal Gurung and Gareth Pugh from Paris showed their Ukrainian amazons.

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So, our history is endless inspiration to create a new masterpiece. That’s why I would say that the Ukrainian style is the history of Ukraine, whereas the traditions and culture are a Ukrainian soul. That’s the things we attract the world by!

What are the main ingredients for success in this business?

“Clothes-Transformer” and the development of new Ukrainian brand VERLOSThis issue is always pretty difficult for any designer, because if you are a creator, you are not a business person. But when you become a dyed-in-the-wool entrepreneur, you don’t have enough time to focus yourself on creativity, you don’t have a chance to listen to your intuition to create a trendy, stylish and unbelievable collection.

I was lucky. I’ve got a very professional team. We clearly concentrate our attention on everything that is going on in the world – the appearance of new items, the technologies of textile fabric production. We’re constantly following tendencies of the global fashion industry development. In such a way we predict our collection for two years ahead. In particular, we anticipate what a person pays attention to, what clothes a client feels like wearing next year or two.

That’s why, I think, there are the following constituents: 1 – you need to feel fashion personally. 2 – you need to have a professional team. 3 – you need to learn permanently in order to keep pace with the trend.

I always learn some new things; even now I’ve entered the Institute of art on the Specialty of Fashion Prediction. Knowledge is great power.

I am still walking after this motto.

Is it a business or hobby for you?

Fashion is a part of me. If I were asked what I wanted to do in the next life, I’d answer: “The same what I’m doing now” it’s my life! It’s my love!

Your style is extravagant and rather creative. What inspired you to create a collection Clothes-Transformer?

As I have already said, I always like doing something new. Our world is developing very rapidly now. You always move. Since morning you have to wear a business style and you can have an unexpected meeting tonight. That’s why I’d like to present a collection of clothes transforming into different styles, so as one thing can serve as a small wardrobe. It’s the collection Clothes-Transformer. For example, a dress from our collection transforms into three images. If you put on a complete set, it is a long dress, you can unfasten the bottom line and it is already a shorter dress. If you unfasten sleeves, it is already a sleeveless image, more athletic style. When you fasten the bottom line again, it is already the fourth image. We have autumn clothes in such a style, for example, a hood coat can be turned into a few variants: a long and short jacket, a shortened hood coat. Then with a light move, we combined all the components and you have a complete long stylish coat. A principle is the same with other collection items, where one thing can transform into a few images. It’s comfortable and pretty usable.

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The label of your brand “VERLOS” is your last name. You are setting up a family business your successors will continue or vice versa you keep a family tradition?

“Clothes-Transformer” and the development of new Ukrainian brand VERLOSMy family has always had creative people. I remember my father being a journalist designed and constructed a few buildings in different cities of Ukraine. It means I have the same DNA code.

VERLOS means to see them In Spanish.

And I myself try to predict most suitable kind of clothes for the modern society. I try to see and feel the behavior of humanity and offer everybody comfortable and stylish clothes.

My son shares my views on the development of our brand and gives me very precious tips used during work. That’s why I can say that I’m establishing a family business. I hope to be the same further.

Will you tell us about your next collection?

I love white color with its fascinating shades.

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It’s like a clean sheet of paper you can draw your own thoughts on. I guess the next collection will be «painted» in white. And everything can be transformed in the course of work. There are no limits for creativity.

You have a collection of shirts for women with sacred prints or lettering. Are you going to create anything like that for men?

I’m so interested in shirts, especially in white ones. It seems to be just a white shirt. A typical classical choice! But nevertheless I was eager to create something new. I observed people, their wishes to draw something on body, the things that will inspire them in life. An idea popped into my head to design a collection of shirts with sacred prints. These images are embroidered on the transparent cloth.

When you put on this shirt it’s as if you got a tattoo. But tomorrow you have a chance to try on another vital statement. The letterings like “Born to be first”, or “Destiny helps courageous people”, or “Great power of love” charge with positive emotions throughout the time. I’d like the people wearing our shirts to be always in good mood and transmit the surroundings their message.

Our customers always ask us whether we have such shirts for men. But it’s more intricate with statements for men, because they are more reserved by themselves. That’s why we are on track to design a collection of shirts for men. I hope we present it soon.

What are your future plans?

We are planning a lot of interesting events. We are looking for new opportunities to expand our workshop and our brand. We are going to arrange a big fashion show Clothes-Tranformer.

We are planning to design a new collection Spring-Summer 2020. Of course, we always travel and learn. We have got a lot of things to do ahead of us. That’s why we promise to keep on being creative and make people stare.