History Ukrainian brand Voronin



Voronin brand was established in 1961 by Mikhail Voronin – the most famous Ukrainian designer, who is rightly called the maestro of the men’s suite. He gained worldwide recognition due to the invention of a unique breadboard vest method of tailoring a suit without fittings. Brand products are manufactured in-house – Voronin garment factory, which is among the leaders in the apparel industry. Trading network consists of more than 80 stores in Ukraine, CIS countries and Europe.


Dignity, reputability and understated elegance of suites by Voronin attract successful and confident business people with a high reputation. The suit by Voronin is more than the clothes, it is a lifestyle, belonging to a particular community. The philosophy of Voronin brand is the philosophy of life. Nothing more modern than the classic suit for business men, has not yet been invented. The most important thing is a proportion that will fit you. The suit by Voronin combined classical traditions, high quality, fashion trends and dynamics of the modern lifestyle.


Main directions are design, technology, and ecology. The main task is to give the man in the suit the same freedom of movement as without it. Particular attention is paid to ecological purity of the product. One of the main advantages of Voronin brand is an opportunity to choose suite for any figure.


Voronin fashion collections are shown in different countries. Voronin is ranked by Guinness Book of World Records, “100 Celebrities of the Fashion World” and awarded the title of the Fashion Legend. Voronin brand is the winner of prestigious international awards, among which – Prestige World Award, Golden Thimble of Paris, the Best Trademark of Italy, the Spanish Golden Arch of Europe, and numerous Ukrainian awards.


1968 – the patent for the breadboard vest method

Mikhail Voronin (1938-2012) – the most famous Ukrainian designer, a living legend, whose name has been among the 100 celebrities of the fashion world. Mikhail Voronin is the author of the invention, which is researched and implemented worldwide. This is the breadboard vest method of tailoring a suit without fittings.

History Ukrainian brand Voronin

1972 – 1984

Mikhail Voronin started his career as a tailor in 1954

1964 – tailor of men’s wear

1972 – graduated from Kiev Technological Institute of Light Industry

1980 – Candidate of Technical Sciences

1985 – Doctor of Technical Sciences

1975 -1984 – Full Cavalier of the Order of Labour Glory, awarded the Gold Medal Exhibition of Economic Achievements of the USSR and the Ukrainian SSR.

During this period, Mikhail Voronin heads the studio, deals with research work, delivers lectures, conducts all-union schools, where introduces and teaches tailors coming from different republics and countries his breadboard vest method. In order to have a suite tailored by Voronin, you had to get on a waiting list and wait for six months.

History Ukrainian brand Voronin

1985 – 1990

In Soviet times, when Voronin brand started developing, it was not allowed to write the own name. Therefore, the first suits by Voronin were labeled with the studio’s name “Fashion and Time”, where “Fashion” is Mikhail, and “Time” – Voronin.

1985 – head of the firm “Fashion and Time”;

1989 – first author show in Hollywood (USA), where 30 models were presented;

1990 – show in Vienna (Austria) at the United Nations office;

History Ukrainian brand Voronin