The French have presented the Capscent – a revolutionary packaging-capsule


In the nearest future packaging of cosmetics can change its design. In 2016 the French company Saabelis introduced the Capscent technology – a capsule made of soft material, which contains a mini-dose of perfume, cream, oil or serum that you need to squash with your fingers. This new invention can compete with the traditional samples.

The founder and director of Saabelis Anyon Mpyer would like Capscent to become the same thing for perfume industry as at that time the Nespresso capsules were for the coffee industry or contact lenses for vision correction.

The Capscent capsules, production of which is entirely situated in France, can be used by cosmetic brands, event-agencies and luxury hotels.

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Saabelis Company, established in 2014 in the Paris region, is working on the development of “room-shopping”, that is providing the rooms with a portfolio with samples of products (essences, perfumes) so that customers could see and touch them, and on the creation of tissue samples in furniture industry and fashion.