UFW 18-19. Day 1. AW18 collection


“Watching a predator in its natural environment, we balance between seductive curiosity and mortal danger. We have a desire to examine all anatomical contours, grace of movements, play of light on the body of a perfect killer. But getting a closer look at it is very risky… “

Shadow represents the image of something beautiful and at the same time dangerous. This is an antagonist of the main hero, who enters the atmosphere of vulnerability, unpredictability, changing shadows and reflexes.

In the AW18 collection, the designers turn to a dark color palette. First collections of the brand started with black tones and this season it was decided to restore the alliance with dark matter. The main emphasis of the collection is on silhouette and texture. Materials – leather, wool, knitwear, denim, nylon, flannel, metal, plastic.