Ukrainian fashion week 2018. Day 3. Katerina Kvit


In Fall/Winter collection, Katerina Kvit enlarged the style scope of her brand: she completed the sporty chic with elegant classics.

It is provided with the noble shapes, expensive fabrics, restrained aristocratic palette, the secrets of the cut, which guarantee the ideal fit of the clothes, as well as with the finishing and decoration.

Star pieces of the collection are the elongated jackets, made of the velvet, of the combination of velvet and suiting fabric, as well as of the tweed.

They make the organic tandem with maxi length trousers made of the costume fabric or leather with a remarkable detail – the small slit in front.

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Also, among the novelties of collection can be numbered the decoration of the dresses and jackets with the small leather buttons. Having the “heavy” appearance, jackets perfectly harmonize with long dresses, below the knee skirts and the asymmetrical silk tops.

The medium-length down jacket with voluminous sewn pockets will make the good match for these very silk and velvet ensembles in the evening.

In the afternoon, this jacket will perfectly play in the company of the leather trousers and flat shoes.

They can be rivaled by warmth, convenience and combinations’ versatility with the jackets with the snow-white collars.

All the accessories in this collection are made of the pink gold-coloured metal – even such a small detail helps to avoid the triviality and to give the things more balance and chic, as Katerina Kvit believes.

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The bags and backpacks, complementing the looks on the catwalk, are created by the Ukrainian brand – Backpack.