Ukrainian fashion week 2018. Day 5. Kyrylol Kharytontsev


The “e Moh” collection is inspired by the microworld, which the designer saw into magnifying glass.

The research objects were mosses, lichens, mushrooms, bacteria, fragments of wood and rust metal.

Each square centimeter like a universe has its rules of life and its time.

Textures, lines, color gamma – everything was artistically transformed by designer Kyrylol Kharytontsev in the general aesthetics of the collection “e Moh”.

The main colors are: emerald, khaki, beige, gray, orange.

There are straight silhouettes, a soft shoulder line and the waist line.

Materials: wool jersey, suit fabrics, velvet with sequins, knitwear and a net.

Coats and sweatshirts are decorated with yarn embroidery and carpet embroidery.