Ukrainian fashion week. Day 2. Dafna May


CAVIAR collection is the fourth large collection of Dafna May.

The designer looks for inspiration, viewing the old photos of her mother and vintage things of the 80s, which have special elements of femininity.

The combination of pea print and candy print is transformed into a vivid picture of a jar of black caviar, which was a symbol of luxury at that time.

The new collection is an ode to the epoch of the 80’s, in which audacity and boldness are bordered with femininity and bohemian chic.

The heroine of the collection is feminine, elegant, confident girl.

She wears lightweight dresses of different length, bulky shirts and flowing silk skirts.

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An unusual transparent tissue mesh, made of gold and black threads adds sexuality.

The eco leather provides a collection rock and roll spirit. Materials – faux fur, silk, cotton, wool, jersey, corduroy.

The main colors are black, deep blue, khaki and white.