Monkey Shoulder is named the most trendy Scotch whiskey


Monkey Shoulder was born to challenge all the conventions and therefore has been particularly marked by the best bartenders in the world the 3rd year already.

50 of the most famous bars that were interviewed by a leading industry magazine “Drinks International” took part in the nomination “The most trendy whiskey in the world”.

Specially designed to be 100% Scotch for mixology, it has soared up in the list of bartenders’ preferences in its category, and also took the 4th place in sales in the most prestigious bars. This is an outstanding achievement and a reflection of the efforts that the brand has invested in on-trade, including focusing on carrying out such activities as Monkey Shoulder’s Ultimate Bartender Championship, Camp Monkey and especially, Konga Shaker.

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Joe Petch, a global brand Ambassador of Monkey Shoulder, said: “It’s nice to see the community of bartenders and our special customers who singularized this remarkable whiskey for themselves. It becomes obvious that we have managed to delight all those who want to experiment with cocktails and who like their accessibility and diversity.

The annual report of the magazine “Drinks International” carefully assessed consumer preferences in the world best bars by conducting a survey among their owners, senior bartenders and bar managers, and interviewed 476 experts in the field of bar industry in the whole world.

Also, speaking about the most trendy brand, it was noted that “the brand is started being asked more and more, including due to the recommendations transmitted “from lip to lip” and thanks to the bartenders. Even more often brands that occupy a high position in the top 10 of the most trendy alcoholic beverages, are becoming the best-selling brands next year, for interest and assessment of professionals quickly enlarge to a wider range of consumers.

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The list of bartenders’ preferences is a list of where you can see what drink bartenders valued above all for themselves, no matter what is sold best or which is now fashionable. Therefore, the brands that are in this list are the ones which have deserved their true love, and not just high sales.

(*According to the “Most Influential Bars in the World”)