The winner of Eurovision 2017 – Salvador Sobral from Portugal


The final of Eurovision-2017 was held in Kyiv on 13th May. As the 24th Channel says, 26 participants competed for supremacy in the final. 20 finalists were determined by results of voting in two semi-finals, which took place on 9th and 11th May. Moldova, Azerbaijan, Greece, Sweden, Portugal, Poland, Armenia, Australia, Cyprus, Belgium. The winners of the second semi-final are the contestants from Bulgaria, Belarus, Croatia, Hungary, Denmark, Israel, Romania, Norway, the Netherlands and Austria passed from the first semifinal to the finals.

Another 5 members (Spain, Italy, the UK, Germany, France) were immediately in the finals as the founding countries of the contest. Ukraine got immediately to the final as a host nation. The representative of Ukraine O. Torvald band performed at number 22.

The participant from Portugal – Salvador Sobral with the song “Amar Pelos Doi” has become the winner of Eurovision 2017. The jury and the audience estimated the performance of Salvador at 758 points (382 from the jury of each country and 376 from television viewers).

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The artist became the new bookmakers’ favorite at almost last night before the final, relegating the Italian Gabbana Francesco at this post. Even before the start of Eurovision final Salvador Sobral received the Marcel Besancon award.

Watch the performance of Eurovision 2017 winner – Salvador Sobral from Portugal:

Young and romantic Salvador studied psychology, but love of music took over. Born in Lisbon, the boy lived in the US and in Barcelona for a while. He studied at the prestigious school Taller de Musics and participated in several high-profile musical projects. He has already got a complete music album titled “Excuse Me” (2016).

His music is defiant, bright, with the notes of Latin America. On stage, the singer impressed by spontaneity and sincerity, and his sweet tenor is simply fascinating. In his performance in the final of Eurovision-2017 there were no special effects and show, Salvador bribed everybody only with voice and charisma.

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The song “Amar Pelos Dois” (“For the Two of Us”), which the Portuguese performed at Eurovision 2017 in Kyiv, was written by no less talented sister of Sobral Salvador’s Luisa. The singer says that the composition is simple, emotional and spontaneous. And Salvador takes Eurovision-2017 as a wonderful opportunity to gain popularity outside Portugal and go a step up in a musical career.

Salvador Sobral has a crucial health condition and needs urgent heart surgery. He needs to find a donor until the end of the year.

After Salvador learned about his victory at Eurovision-2017, he claimed on stage that “we live in the world of fast food music,” and in today’s world there is very little genuine music.

Final of Eurovision 2017: voting results

  1. Portugal. Salvador Sobral “Amar Pelos Dois” – 758
  2. Bulgaria. Kristian Kostov “Beautiful Mess” – 615
  3. Moldova. Sunstroke Project “Hey Mamma” – 374
  4. Belgium. Blanche “City Lights” – 363
  5. Sweden. Robin Bengtsson “I Can’t Go On” – 344
  6. Italy. Francesco Gabbani “Occidentali’s Karma” – 334
  7. Romania. Ilinca ft. Alex Florea “Yodel It!” – 282
  8. Hungary. Joci Pápai “Origo” – 200
  9. Australia. Isaiah “Don’t Come Easy” – 173
  10. Norway. JOWST “Grab The Moment” – 158
  11. Netherlands. TOG3NE “Lights and Shadows” – 150
  12. France. Alma “Requiem” – 135
  13. Croatia. Jacques Houdek “My Friend” – 128
  14. Azerbaijan. Dihaj “Skeletons” – 120
  15. Great Britain. Lucie Jones “Never Give Up On You” – 111
  16. Austria. Nathan Trent “Running On Air” – 93
  17. Belarus. Naviband “Story of My Life” – 83
  18. Armenia. Artsvik “Fly With Me” – 79
  19. Greece. Demy “This is Love” – 77
  20. Denmark. Anja “Where I Am” – 77
  21. Cyprus. Hovig “Gravity” – 68
  22. Poland. Kasia Moś “Flashlight” – 64
  23. Israel. IMRI “I Feel Alive” – 39
  24. Ukraine. O.Torvald “Time” – 36
  25. German. Levina “Perfect Life” – 6
  26. Spain. Manel Navarro “Do It For Your Lover” – 5