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Issue No. 8. January-February 2018

Legendary fashion designer John Richmond visited Ukraine

October 6, 2018, the first John Richmond official store in Ukraine was opened in Kiev. Legendary brand with a rebellious character, known throughout the...

Attractive and highquality longevity becomes a reality with MayaMI Beauty Esthetic

The world trend in attractive and high-quality longevity is gaining popularity in Ukraine. A woman always remains a woman both at the age of...

Odessa Fashion Week сезону SS 2019

From 17 to 21 of October Odessa Fashion Week of season SS 2019 will be held in the Concert Hall «Victory Gardens». Odessa Fashion...

Ola Rondiak, a story of success – in creative work and in life

You moved to Ukraine in 1995 with your family. What was your first impression? – When I moved to Kyiv, Ukraine, with my husband in...

IATF will once again showcase the world to the Mena region

International Apparel and Textile Fair (IATF), the industry’s biggest showcase platform in the MENA region, the sourcing hub for fabrics, textile, apparels and more,...