3D tour to one of the best resorts in Europe – Edem Resort Medical & SPA


Nowadays, under total urbanization, we are losing the sensitivity to environmental factors that causes stress for physical and mental body: poor sleep quality, irregular meals, frequent flights, constant noise of the world around, simultaneous solution of several tasks… Living at such a rapid-fire pace, we are looking for a place of strength and silence where we can recharge the batteries.

We have found such a place for You – Edem Resort Medical& SPA, located in picturesque Ukraine near ancient Lviv city, no more than 90 km away from the Carpathian Mountains.

Unique palace complex with a concept of recreation for guests aged 12 up – a real paradise for people who appreciate their time. Here we have created the area in which the people with a taste feel comfortable, pleasant and easy.

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Edem Resort Medical & SPA – is one of the best resorts of Europe that combines a five-star hotel containing more than 100 rooms and rejuvenation center (Medical Center), built under the principle of functional medicine. Here they treat human body in an integrated manner, using the so-called holistic approach based upon disease prevention.