Great data already at the Universities of Ukraine


The best teachers of national universities from all regions of Ukraine who have shown interest in learning more about the most up-to date trends in machine learning, processing and intelligent analysis of large volumes of data are participating in an educational project “Science of Data”, presented on August 15, 2017 in Kyiv.

The educational platform is aimed at the development of large data. It was launched in Ukraine by Integrated Technology Laboratory (Intela, the USA) within the Digital Ukraine program in close cooperation with the Ukrainian Chamber of Commerce and Industry and NTUU “Kyiv Polytechnic Institute named after Ihor Sikorsky”.

The merger of the eff orts of Ukrainian experts in system analysis, modeling, database mining, statistics, economics and ecology, and leading experts from IBM, Tableau and Intela aims at development and implementation of joint programs and projects on machine learning, artificial intelligence and analysis of large data.

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According to expert estimates, the deficit of specialists in the field of modern technologies for analyzing large data will be 1.000.000 in 2018. Nowadays these are the most popular experts in the world. As a result of the implementation of the educational project, it is planned to open a centre of competence in Ukraine, which will be created with contributions from domestic universities and advanced IT giants. The centre of competence will not only prepare specialists, but also carry out their certification, develop software products and provide their technical support.

Implementation of the project involves holding a series of round tables, seminars and trainings for teachers of higher educational institutions. “This initiative will help increase the competitiveness of Ukrainian specialists of this field and implement the attained results in the real sector of the economy,” said the General Director and founder of Intela, a Canadian of Ukrainian origin, Andrii Moskaliov.

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For the first time in the world, it was in Ukraine where the listeners received a digital diploma, implemented on the block chain technology, which is supported by IBM for business. This technology is widely used in crypto-industry and more widely known by bitcoin. The main advantage of a digital diploma based on IBM’s block chain is impossibility of making document and data falsification. The widespread introduction of a digital diploma completely eliminates the corrupt component and allows anyone, anywhere, in any place in the world to verify the truth of the data provided. This ambitious project is completely ready from a technical point of view; only support and participation of Ukrainian authorities and educational institutions are necessary.

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Since August 12, 242 teachers from 48 universities of Ukraine have already taken part in the first free training, which was held within the framework of the educational project “Science of Data”. They will be able to apply the acquired knowledge and skills as soon as possible in the educational process while preparing students who need to know modern innovative technologies.

The authors of the project plan to distribute it not only at universities, but also at schools of our state.

Ukraine, once again, has a chance to take part in the competition for the world educational market in the field of high technologies. It is very important to take this chance.

Volodymyr Koliadenko,

Chairman of the Committee on Electronic

Communications of Ukrainian

Chamber of Commerce and Industry