Imagine that your visit at the fair looks like a traveling along the Silk Road, which wide road will undoubtedly lead you to Uzbekistan, a wonderful land where the warmth of the sun is intertwined with the warmth and hospitality of its residents. They will help you to feel the unique color of this amazing country.
Do you feel the flavour of barberry, jeera and saffron? Without these spices it is simply difficult to imagine the main national dish, which we kindly would like to treat you – this is a classic Uzbek pilaf, which recipes for preparation in Uzbekistan are counted more than two hundred variants.

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Please, pay your attention to the abundance of nuts and dried fruits – they are especially delicious and fragrant thanks to the traditional natural drying in the sun or in the shade.

Please, do not miss by your look our textile products, assessing their quality, because Uzbekistan is especially famous for the wealth of fabrics, their structure and color palette. Please look thoroughly to the complicated ornamentation. Legend has it, that in the ancient times Uzbek embroideresses encoded whole letters to the material, which could be read by certain elements.

Also an important industry of the country includes the production of household appliances and electronics, so we are happy to introduce you to the products of ARTEL, an Uzbek company producing household goods, which enjoys great popularity far beyond Uzbekistan.

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Come over to us and feel the extraordinary atmosphere of one of the most amazing and charming countries of the East.

The Embassy of the Republic of Uzbekistan in Ukraine invites all to visit the stand of Uzbekistan in SC “Olympic” on December 2, 2017 at 10:00.

Come and take part in the charity event.

All funds, raised from the sale of goods and products, will be sent to charitable projects of IWCK Charity Bazaar.