Svyatoslav Kondrativ – World eyed violinist


Have you ever had to travel from Venice to Argentina in the flicker of a second, and then among the highest dunes of the Sahara in Morocco and from there to skip to cozy Lviv … you will not believe, but it happens. Such miracle happened in the cold winter evening on January 31 at Caribbean Club. Although the thermometer outside was showing 13 degrees below zero at the time, in the hall, where an experienced magician was doing magic, was warm and cozy. That magician’s magic wand was a fiddlestick that skillfully wielded and did all the whims of his Queen, his Violin. It was the evening where the magician was a virtuoso violinist Svyatoslav Kondrativ. His violin either embarrassed, or amazed, or fascinated … Sometimes it had fun like a child or cried like the autumn sky. The ringing music carried those present over some surprising distances where one would not like to return from. Under the flickering candles and entrancing sound of his magic violin, one wished to dream and believe that all dreams would come true, because maestro himself was convincing in this.

Svyatoslav Kondrativ - World eyed violinist

He was talking about how he fell in love with Her for the first time…

About how he was with Her at Niagara and the Grand Canyon, how She took him to the Great Wall of China and around the Karakum sands, how She showed him the greatness of Vienna and Berlin, and how long they were wandering across the picturesque streets of Holland. And about the shallow cold Baltic Sea and boundless Balaton in Hungary, the taste of churchhela in Batum and polyevky in Bratislava…

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Svyatoslav Kondrativ - World eyed violinist

About how they walked with Her in Liege, and when the local restaurant owner after hearing Her singing, removed Baglai from the wall and was playing dreary Turkish songs till nightfall. And then, in Brussels, a bottle of collection Bordeaux was open in Her honor…

About how She cried with him in the dark days of his life and laughed when it seemed to him that the sun was shining only for them …

About how He could not imagine his life without Her… without his queen – Violin.

Svyatoslav Kondrativ - World eyed violinist

No one in his family doubted that Sviatoslav would become a musician. After all from the earliest childhood when the neighborhood boys were running in the courtyard of cozy Lviv, where he was born, Sviatoslav had already got a violin and tried to produce his first sounds. There was another question, what way a young musician would choose, would he be either violinist or singer. For in parallel being engaged in Lviv specialized music school of playing the violin named after Solomia Krushelnytska, Svyatoslav was a lead singer in the famous chorus “Dudaryk” for 10 years.

Once there was even a very interesting story. Choir “Dudaryk” was preparing for a concert at the Lviv Opera House, and the soloist was to be People’s Artist of Ukraine Nina Matviyenko. Unfortunately, it so happened that Nina Mitrofanivna fell ill but the concert could not be cancelled. So when the question appeared who was to be a lead singer instead of Nina Matvienko, a choir leader Nikolai Katsal made a decision that it could be done by ten-year-old Svyatoslav. The concert was on a high level, as to be a lead singer on the stage of well-known throughout Europe opera theatre despite professional skills a fair amount of will, endurance, courage are required too. The most important features of the big stage actor were already manifested in the childhood. And nearby was violin, the queen of music …. A tough question arose – a question of choice.

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Svyatoslav Kondrativ - World eyed violinist

And she won. For then there were the years of study in Lviv Music Academy named after Mykola Lysenko, in the class of Professor Dmitry Petrovich Kolbin and adult life, where his darling, his Violin, was near. Starting from the childhood, he has travelled across half of Europe and other republics, now independent states of the former Soviet Union together with the chorus “Dudaryk”, and then as a part of other projects already being a violinist Svyatoslav Kondrativ has been to more than three dozen countries. Inspired by the beautiful pictures of the world he felt the desire to take note of his emotions. So that is how the first attempts to write his own music began to appear.

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Therefore, the presentation of the concert program of Svyatoslav Kondrativ “The World Through the Eyes of a Violinist” was held. Everyone who was familiar with the creative work of a violinist via Internet network, where the musician put online music videos for his compositions, had the opportunity to hear live and enjoy brilliant technique and furious expression of violinist Svyatoslav Kondrativ. Finally, the audience was able to meet the hero of music videos, who together with his violin has been conquering amazing heights of Norwegian fjords and the highest dunes of the Sahara, because exactly these songs received hundreds of thousands of views on the Internet, thousands of likes, reposts and approving positive comments. “He is unsurpassed alive, no words” – sounded at the end of the program from the impressed fans of Svyatoslav Kondrativ when it was time to say goodbye. They did not let him go from the scene for a long time and with great reluctance left the hall. But the violinist said that was only the beginning of his “musical novel” about the world he saw with his eyes.

Stylish, modern and charismatic Svyatoslav Kondrativ promised that he would not leave the audience indifferent either to the violin, or to his music. And he did it.