Bulgaria’s Deputy Prime Minister M. Nikolova visits Ukraine


During her official visit to Kiev Bulgaria’s Deputy Prime Minister for Economic and Demographic Policy Mariyana Nikolovaand her Ukrainian colleague the First Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of the Economic Development and Trade Stepan Kubiv opened a memorial plate, marking the 100th anniversary since the establishment of diplomatic relations between Bulgaria and Ukraine at an official ceremony on the premises of the National Conservatory of Ukraine “P. I. Chaykovskiy”.

The building, situated in Kiev’s Nezavisimost central square, was the place where the first Bulgarian legation opened in 1918. It was headed by Prof. Dr. Ivan Shishmanov.

Bulgaria’s Deputy Prime Minister M. Nikolova visits Ukraine

At the working meeting the two vice premiers agreed on resuming the activity of the Intergovernmental Commission for Economic Cooperation and organizing its next 7th session. Mrs. Nikolova also underlined the expectations of the Bulgarian side that as previously agreed Bolgrad Region will retain its current administrative borders.

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