Maestro of Diplomacy: The USA Responded to the Death of Churkin


Despite the diplomatic battles between the USA and Russia at the UN, the US diplomats have commemorated Russia’s permanent representative at the United Nations Vitaliy Churkin, calling him “a talented diplomat”

“Tefft: Our thoughts and prayers are with the family and friends of Vitaliy Churkin,” – said the report of the USA diplomatic representatives in Moscow.

The former permanent representative of the USA at the United Nations Samantha Power, who repeatedly sharply criticized Churkin, called him “maestro” of diplomacy and a man who “did everything that was in his power to overcome the differences between the USA and Russia”.

The former USA ambassador to Russia, Stanford University professor Michael McFaul, who constantly drew attention to the threat from Moscow, also expressed his condolences.

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“Russia has lost one of the most talented diplomats. Shocking and tragic news, “- he wrote.