The 20th anniversary of the accession of His Majesty the King Mohammed VI to the Alawit Throne


The kingdom of Morocco celebrates, the 30th of July 2019, the 20th anniversary of the accession of His Majesty the King Mohammed VI to the Alawit Throne.

This celebration is a renewed opportunity illustrating the strong symbiosis between the Moroccans and the Alawite throne; it illustrates the renewal for the act of Allegiance between the Throne and the people.

Furthermore, the Throne day represents a moment of great importance in the Nation’s life to highlight the valuable gains made during the last years and aspires to more achievements to build a modern and prosperous country, under the ruling of His Majesty the King Mohammed VI, the glorious symbol of the country’s unity.

Since the enthronement of His Majesty the King Mohammed VI on the 30th of July 1999 and thanks to its numerous courageous and bold initiatives, Morocco faced major changes, has implemented numerous economic and social projects, has accomplished important achievements and has engaged in a process of profound political reforms according to an inclusive approach placing the dignity and the fulfilment of the Moroccan citizen in the heart of its concerns.

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These reforms have been carried mainly out of the political, economic, social, religious, justice and human rights fields, notably the creation of the Instance of equity and reconciliation in the field of transitional justice, the reform of the justice and the reinforcement of its independence, the consolidation of the human rights and the adoption of the new Constitution in 2011 that constituted an important advance in the political and social life and has permitted the consecration of the values of democracy, citizenship and human rights.

Great advances in road infrastructure, highway, railway, port and airport were achieved, which promoted economic exchanges, reduced regional disparities and contributed to the creation of work places.

As one of the four most ecological countries in the world, the Moroccan leadership in the environmental field has been materialized by the Kingdom’s commitment to produce 52% of its electricity from green energies by 2030.

In this perspective, Morocco has put in place a major energy plan, composed of several renewable energy production projects, such as the solar power plant “NOOR”, the largest solar project in the world, and the wind farm of the city of “Tarfaya” in the south of Morocco, which is the largest in Africa.

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The Kingdom of Morocco has successfully organized and chaired the 22nd Conference of the Parties of the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change “COP22”, in 2016.

At the regional and international levels, Morocco has been able over the years to build strong diplomatic relations with African brother states. These relations which are based on an unshakable historical foundation, have permitted the establishment of secular links between Morocco and African countries covering the social, commercial, cultural, intellectual and spiritual dimensions.

An overall strategy of economic co-development has been initiated by Morocco, which intends to put its action in the long term with a view to sustainable development for the benefit of the African peoples and for the economic emergence of this continent.

Morocco’s efforts in favour of Africa’s development were crowned by its return to the African Union in January 2017. This triumphant return reflects a Moroccan vision in which South-South cooperation is the watchword.

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Since the establishment of diplomatic relations between the Kingdom of Morocco and Ukraine in 1992, the two countries have happily enjoyed friendly and substantial bilateral relations over a quarter century, based on common vision, mutual understanding and respect.

During this period, Morocco and Ukraine have already successfully laid a solid foundation for further development of constructive partnership in different areas of common interest, for the mutual benefit of the two friendly people.

Morocco is the Ukraine’s fourth main partners for commerce in Africa and its commercial exchanges with Ukraine have known a growth. In fact, in 2018, the two countries trade turnover is around 600 to 700 million dollars. Since the beginning of this year, it has increased by 44.3%. Nevertheless, these exchanges remain below the expected level given that there’s a huge potential to be exploited.

Morocco and Ukraine are determined to develop and further strengthen their economic and trade relations to reach the level of political relations.