Facebook Messenger tests new ‘Responses’ option


Facebook representatives announced testing of new Messenger option called ‘Responses’. Due to the new feature, users will be able to respond to personal messages, choosing a corresponding emotion of the list.

There will be seven responses. And one of them will be ‘dislike’. Let us recall that Facebook newsfeed also allows to choose a response to posts but it doesn’t have a ‘dislike’ option. Mark Zuckerberg has personally argued against this emotion, because he thinks that it would lead to humiliation of users and growth of negative. ‘Dislike’ was added to personal messages as an analogue of the word ‘no’.

To choose a response, Messenger users should just click on the Emoji icon displayed near a message.

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Currently, the new feature is being tested by a small amount of users. If tests are conducted successfully, the option will be available for all application users, which currently stands at more than one billion people.

Facebook representatives have told that they constantly examine opportunities, allowing to make Messenger more user-friendly, interesting and exciting. An opportunity to share emoji will help users to express their feelings and emotions originally by communicating in chat, which will make a conversation funnier and more pleasant.