On June 6th, 2017 the solemn opening of the First Private Cancer Research Center named after Academician Yurii Spizhenko, timed to the 67th anniversary since he was born, was held.

“We together are the witnesses of the future medicine prototype presentation and it is made by people’s hands, who, in the first place, have the will. Here today there is such a state, which, I am sure, the lads who were under fire dreamed of. And here today there is such Ukraine, in which we can say you can live in a new way ” – emphasized the Head of Kyiv Regional State Administration Oleksandr Horan in his welcoming speech.

The Head of Kyiv Regional State Administration wished those present “never to close hearts in front of those, who, because of life circumstances, require solidarity, stretched arm of help from anyone who can help” and emphasized that services of clinic should be available to every oncology patient.

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The clinic CEO Oleh Spizhenko noted, that for 9 years of experience, in addition to cancer treatment, the clinic has become a hospital of complete cycle: “We have either surgery, or diagnostics for the whole family. In short – a complete cycle for all patients, who come to us for help”.

According to Oleh Spizhenko, now is not compulsive to go abroad and seek rescuing from the terrible diseases. From now on, there is everything in our country! The clinic was built on the best international standards, borrowed in Europe, America and Japan. Similar analogues no longer exist in Ukraine.

Oncological center’s philosophy, above all, is to provide patients with certain conditions and conveniences creating the appropriate atmosphere, psychological aura around. Then the efforts of doctors, of course, will only benefit oncological terrible abyss, not scare and disease will be overcome.

“In-patient department of our clinic is designed for 112 beds – adds the daughter of renowned Academic – Natalia Spizhenko. – It seems be too little. However, during 7 years of our center we have already managed to grant health care for more than 32,000 patients out of more than 30 countries.”

Much attention is paid to research and education in the clinic. Over the years of painstaking collaboration 5 clinical bases of the research departments of the National Medical Academy of Postgraduate Education named after Shupyk, School of Young Oncologists, School of Medical Physicists, a training center for specialists in radiotherapy and radiologists of Ukraine etc., were established.

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The atmosphere of the clinic itself contributes to greater patient’s focus on treatment, – emphasizes the director of PU “Pharmacy” Ruslan Svitlyi. – The interior of the suites is more like an expensive boutique rather than a hospital in the usual sense. And the Clinic area, surrounded by a pine forest, is rather a park than a hospital courtyard, which makes patients’ and their attendants’ staying comfortable, and also reduces psychological barrier for those who visit the Clinic only as prophylactic measure – to undergo scheduled examination or family onco-screening. When a married couple of Spizhenko – Oleh and Natalia addressed us regarding the improvement of clinical pharmacy, “Pharmacy” gladly and willingly responded. After all, not only the patients of clinic have got access to medicines at reduced prices, but all the residents of Kapitanivka village.

The first private Cancer Research Center named after Academician Yurii Spizhenko was solemnly opened by the Head of Kyiv Regional State Administration Oleksandr Horan, leaders of the medical center “Clinic of Spizhenko” Natalia and Oleh Spizhenko, Deputy Minister of Health of Ukraine Roman Ilyk, President of the National Academy of Medical Sciences of Ukraine Vitalii Tsymbaliuk, Minister of Health of 2014, MP, Deputy Chairman of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine on Health Care Oleh Musii, Minister of Health of 2007-2010 Vasyl Kniazevych and other honorary guests.