Inauguration of the Belgian Alley in Kyiv

On  April 24th ,  by its Decree n° 229,  the District council of Shevchenkivskyi District of Kyiv decided to support an offer of the public organization ´Kyiv. Strategy 2025’  to hold  the festival ‘Belgian Alley’ on the cozy passage leading from the Mykhailivskyi Golden-Domed Monastery to the upper station of the Kyiv funicular. As of this year, the alley will host the ‘Belgian’ festival  and will please residents and guests of the Capital.
The choice of  this venue was thoroughly calibrated as it carries special memories for both Ukrainians and Belgians. Exactly one hundred year ago, in the winter 1917-1918  Mykhailivskyi Golden-Domed Monastery became the refuge for Belgian soldiers that had stranded in Kyiv after their withdrawal from the Galician front during the First World War. A little earlier, in 1902-1905, Belgian capital and engineering contributed substantially to the construction of “cable car ” system for the future Kyiv funicular. The expenses of the Belgian joint stock company, the owner of the Kyiv tram transport, amounted to 230,000 rubles which was then a huge investment in Kyiv electric public transport.
The unveiling of the ‘Belgian alley’ street sign by the Ambassador of the Kingdom of Belgium in Ukraine, representatives of the Kyiv City State Administration and the Shevchenkivskyi district administration  will be followed by  a rousing Belgian dance performed by students of the Ukrainian Leadership Academy.
The blessed sounds of carillon bells will ring over the alley and all over the downtown of the capital. The carillon is a music instrument consisting of a series of tuned bells, which are connected to a keyboard. The origin of the carillon is associated with Flanders, Belgium, from where it spread all over the world.

During the entire festival, the Smurfs – who celebrate this year their 60th birthday – will have their photo stand available. The youngest can join a master class  coloring of Smurf figurines and carry a sweet memory of the Belgian Alley with them.
Visitors will have the opportunity to walk along the embellished  promenade that will be decorated for the occasion by the Municipal enterprise for inventory of green plantations of Shevchenkivskyi District.
And, of course, visitors of the  Belgian alley will be able to enjoy the crispy fries from the Belgian manufacturer and fragrant Belgian waffles.
During all  festivities the access to the alley remains free.
How to get here?
A 10-minutes’ walk from Maidan Nezalezhnosti and  Golden Gate metro stations
Passage along Mykhailivskyi Golden-Domed Monastery to the upper station of the Kyiv funicular